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Rules for Pre-Posting or Updating Products Deals

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Hello Admin, What's the rule for pre-posting product deals, we are told not to post or update product deals until they go live, but some MM still update and it is unpublished , so is this approved early but only published when they go live ? I'm talking about this below deal, https://www.dealsplus.com/freebies/p_buy-one-get-one-free-arm-hammer-laundry-detergent , it look like an update made on 3/10 and it is unpublished until 3/14 So can anyone update or create product deal ahead of time and it will only be un-published but approved for credit ?
prince16pream (L3) posted Mar 15, 2021


I was conducting a survey to include active MM's thoughts & concerns on new MM guidelines. (And it will continue throughout this year)

Some have shared their concerns, but most were supportive. We are going to make an announcement this week and start implementing new rules.

Thank you

Notbad (L5) posted Mar 15, 2021


@Notbad thank you, many MM who used to post early including me and kimmie stopped posting them. Let me know how gift card deals are treated , example Free $10 Target gift card with houseld purchase , redcard offers , can these be pre-posted.

prince16pream (L3) posted Mar 15, 2021


If it's a rare or occasional offer, you can submit them early. If not a day before.

Out of listed offers, I would say, $10 Target gift card with household purchase is good to submit early. However, the Redcard offer happens regularly, so that I would submit them a day before.

I'm planning to make an announcement today regarding new rules.

Thank you

Notbad (L5) posted Mar 16, 2021


Yes, Thanks. I feel it is better we post these types of offers early when it is revealed on their weekly ad. But will adhere to the new rules.

prince16pream (L3) posted Mar 16, 2021