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Same deals, different periods, different MMs, No expiry date

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Hello Admins, I would like to know what to do when i post a deal and is seeing that same deal by different MMs at different periods with no expiry date. Should i allow my deal to stay being that its a new period ( Month)? or Should i update all the other deals that are same as the one i posted? What should i do? I know not all deals carry an expiry date they are just available for a limited time only as stated by the stores so i will not stress much on expiry date, however, should we focus on the period it was posted and assume that the deal is no longer valid since that period as pass?
stewartcherek (L3) posted Sep 30, 2020


Yes, we are trying to eliminate as many duplicate deals as possible. If you see the same product without an expiration date, please update an existing deal instead of creating a new one. If you want to be sure, please share all the related links here. I will take a look at all related deals and then let you know what to do.

Thank you

Notbad (L5) posted Sep 30, 2020


Ok I will thank you

stewartcherek (L3) posted Sep 30, 2020