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Saved Money at Target on a Returned Item

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I went into Target with a printable coupon for $5 off $25 or more C9 by Champion gear. I got three items that totaled $30 and got $5 off for a new total of $25 after the discount.

Here's where I saved money. I later returned an item that was $10 before the discount and got the full amount back! I thought they would have considered the original coupon and just given me $5 back, but apparently not. Has anyone had an experience like this anywhere else??
whatsurdeal (L5) posted Jan 06, 2014
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WOW! Well, I know some companies already have sent coupons to the manufacturer if that is who is providing the discount or rebate... So, because THE STORE has collected, they can't NOT give you the allowance for it...... I THINK. lol

jessicanabraham (L4) posted Jan 06, 2014