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Search before you post a deal.

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I am totally a broken record :( It is so important to search before you post a deal, quick search takes just a minute. It is that simple. We are provided a search feature that works, I use it all the time. I hardly dup and if I do I expire my deal as it is the right thing to do.
themoneyman1113 (L5) posted May 21, 2020

Moneyman, we've all said it. Some people take the advice and many others are just trying to get the deal on the board even though it's there already. lol
I agree, your dupes are almost non-existent. I know that for a fact.
The search bar is a very useful tool and works very well. Simple key words can find a dup deal real fast if people would use it more often.

blackfoot (L5) posted May 21, 2020


The search bar is useful and easy to use and does work well. Such a true statement. I cannot understand why the same people dup over and over as this has been discussed repeatedly. Winning or dominating at DP is not important enough to go ahead and pretend other dp members do not contribute here as chances are what you think you found to be a great deal probably was found hours or days ago anyway. So just take a quick peak before you post it.

themoneyman1113 (L5) posted May 21, 2020


very easy, very quick, very precise the search bar makes life easy when searching for deals and as what @blackfoot said simple keys words shows up the deal of the company easily. To save time i normally copied the URL then goes straight to search bar and type in the name of the company first then punch in a key word like T MOBILE FREE SAMSUNG GALAXY, immediately those info would pop up and if i dont see the deal i am about to post i quickly post my deal and to make sure its not a dup i go back and do a thorough search again :)

stewartcherek (L3) posted May 22, 2020



themoneyman1113 (L5) posted Jun 16, 2020