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Shop Alone, and Grab the Sunday Paper!

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Basically, if you really want to save money, a few simple things that really work are: 1.)Online Coupons. In today's society you almost save hundreds of dollars on things today. Places like "", or "" and other sites are great for saving money. Try Google, something as simple as "coupons" can score you something. 2.) Always scan the Sunday paper for great deals. You can almost get your prices sliced (or close to). Also take a look at the stores website. 3.) Look out for the "Buy 1, get 1 free" coupons. These are great. It's like getting one free product. (You buy milk, you get a gallon for free). Saves you lots when it comes to the receipt depending on how many of those you have. 4.) Look out for the places that offer rewards cards (Places like Kroger), you can really save big bucks every time with this one. ALSO, A FEW HELPFUL TIPS WHEN IT COMES TO SHOPPING: -Go alone -Ever find an inconvenience while your in line at the supermarket? or a problem? report it to management and you could score some savings! -STOCK UP!!! -Before hitting the store, make a list of what you need, and stick to it! -Bring a smartphone or some kind of calculating device to know what your total is!! Very helpful!! -It may sound weird, but have an idea of where everything is at in the store. -Save any leftovers at dinner time. Use it for dinner the next night. -Always check the website -Start a family eating plan (I actually heard about this one lady who planned an eating plan for the whole year!) Now that's a plan! -I'm sure you've heard it before: "Never shop hungry" for obvious reasons. -Do more baking, eat more veggies, or even plant a garden. (I have actually done this- garden) *** If you really want to see the benefit of using coupons, Try just saving up coupons in a book and use them when it comes to grocery shop. SO, DID THIS HELP ANYONE? HOW DO YOU SAVE MONEY WHEN IT COMES TO GROCERY SHOPPING?
cconrady posted Jul 14, 2011
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Shop alone? What fun is that?

I like all the other ideas, but I always bring my cat shopping with me. It keeps the mice away and he likes my jokes.

BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted Jul 17, 2011