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So What is the Final design

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Almost all of us has been seeing some changes going around since couple of weeks.

There was new heading design,

Removed tabs like : ask and share, freebies, news (which are all back now)

The change color was like old school Facebook (which is gone now) , Saved coupons and then new bar follow feed. (which we can see near to saved coupons).

So is this the final change?

Only follow feed + saved coupon (which was there but in different way previously) was added and nothing changes? There was huge drama about design, tabs

and most importantly way how the deals were promoted to FP.

Again same old stuff or more to come? 

Just Curious....what you guys think? Any changes needed?
Dexterous posted Apr 07, 2013

I hated the new logo. I'm so glad they put it back. This is actually a logo. The "new" one was just the word in a different font.

iowahawkeyes (rep: 4.3k) posted Apr 08, 2013


I'm glad they put everything back the way it was, New designs were all so bright and hard on the eyes.

additc (rep: 1.8k) posted Apr 10, 2013