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Some advice on couponing

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More and more persons are thinking about couponing because of the current economy and of course because of the show Extreme Couponing. I have been saving for years and I am glad many others are doing it too. Here are a few things to help you: 1. Find a reputable website that tracks deals and does ad matchups for you. It can be very tedious to search for all those coupons yourself. However, if you find a great website, most of the work is done for you. 2. Do not shop at "too many" grocery stores. Yes, item A is on sale at that grocery store and you have a 50c off coupon. However, running from store to store could cost you money in gas and also time. Couponing should help you save not only money but also time. 3. Set a budget. The point of couponing is to save money. Set a budget so that you are not wildly spending beyond your means. Yes, you may be saving $10 on your grocery bill. However, if you still are spending the same amount you used to, you really haven't saved. 4. Be patient. You won't have 90% savings immediately. It will happen over time.
kelster posted Jul 14, 2011

Most people will never save 90% on their grocery bill. Please set relistic goals for the newbie couponer, you don't want them to get depressed because they could not get 90% off every time. 10% is a good start. But as an on going weekly thing most people will save 20 to 30% with practice.

skaro964 (rep: 24.6k) posted Jul 14, 2011


I just started this summer and I have been averaging around 75% savings weekly. I take every receipt each week and add them up. Some are as low as 30 something% and others are as high as joke. I buy fresh fruit and veggies and fresh meat. It's all about taking your time and shopping for the best deals around.

nskcsf (rep: 1.6k) posted Jul 14, 2011