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Sony TV vs. other brands

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My husband is craving a new TV. In my opinion getting one with 1080p LED HDTV with 120HZ should be more important than the name brand of the tv. (As long as its a reputable brand) I dont see many OUTSTANDING sony deals like I do the others. What's your opinion?
Brentheriot posted Dec 10, 2011

I personally think the sony brand is just overrated=P...i'm not going to lie they make great products. I'm also looking for a TV myself. I went to the bestbuy to compare LED TV's. the Samsung LED TV's were amazing. i also compared LG and panasonic their pictures seemed much nicer than the sony model's i saw.

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted Dec 11, 2011


Sony or Samsung...I always check out Cnet's review on brands then compare instore like BestBuy like MrBklynW mentioned.

I lean toward Samsung though... Good luck and Happy Shopping!

Eve15 (rep: 45.4k) posted Dec 11, 2011


Samsung and LG are a much better deal than Sony. If you go with Sony, you are paying for the name. Samsung and LG look better and from experience will last longer.

richardperezz1 (rep: 1) posted Dec 11, 2011


Sony has made so many blunders over recent years that I wouldn't even consider buying any of their products or services. How about the laptop & phone batteries they sold to Apple, Dell, and a lot of other manufacturers that caught fire or exploded? The prolonged outage of their PlayStation Network due to hacking made them look like an anachronism that doesn't know how to deal with modern technical reality. Some 77 million users had their personal information stolen.

If you must buy a Sony TV, you could probably get a "hot" deal on a Bravia - just be sure your family has an escape plan and that your insurance coverage is up to par:

fluffy (rep: 2.2k) posted Dec 11, 2011


Here is a good brand comparison by Consumer Reports.

Also, here is a good buying guide

I think, in the end, it really depends on what model you are looking at and the price. All the major manufacturers are competing with very similar TV's and it's small things that make one better than the other.

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted Dec 11, 2011


I have 3 LEDs at home and 2 LCDs. Brand makes a big difference - a Westingate LED 240hz comes nowhere close to a Samsung LCD 120hz. Thats a big contrast but helps to demonstrate the point.

I would stick with Samsung - if you go to BestBuy or Costco, you can see such a drastic difference between Samsung and any other brand. It is totally worth the investment. My buddy works at Sony and I can get 35% off any Sony TV, even then I didnt get a single one bc they tend to start sucking by the 1 yr mark and picture quality all else equal is still subpar to Samsung.

With that said, you can always go cheap but at the end of the day, brand does dictate quality (except Sony who overcharges in my opinion). Pay the $100 extra and get something good. Samsung 46" LED 120hz can go for $700-800 if you look hard enough. I have seen it go for that price a couple times...I bought my last one at $750 from

kffight3r (rep: 777) posted Dec 11, 2011


Thanks for the input. Samsung is husband's 2nd choice. I've also seen good LG prices. Another question-- would it be better to wait for after Xmas sales?

Brentheriot (rep: 64.9k) posted Dec 12, 2011