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Sports Category?

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I think there should be a more detailed sports section on Anybody agree? Maybe able to sort by individual sports or other sub-categories?
Acarone posted Nov 01, 2010

I'm not sure if that's a great idea. Don't get me wrong, I would love to talk about the Giants (2010 World Series Champion) and the Warriors all day. I just think it might create some kind of conflict among the different fans/user/teams.

For example, you're obvious a Sharks fan but I might be a Blackhawks fan (which I'm not) and we could go at it since the sharks lost to them in last year's playoff series. It'll go back and forth and eventually the discussion ends up nowhere.

I guess a solution we could have is by creating a members lounge where they could talk about anything they want including sports. Just as long as we don't really promote sports and have a section dedicated for it.

TOTOOO (rep: 50.8k) posted Nov 02, 2010


It might be cool to have a section on sports paraphernalia deals

booski (rep: 77) posted Nov 02, 2010