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Stacy's Pita Chips

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Does anyone buy wholesale food online? Or know a good website that sells cheap wholesale food? Particularly, I'm looking for Stacy's Pita chips. The cinnamon ones are ridiculously addicting. Amazon occasionally has them on sale and additional savings with subscribe and save, but that's very seldom. At my local grocery store they go on sale occasionally for $2.50 for an 8oz. bag. I'm hoping to find them cheaper online somewhere.
Does anyone else share the addiction for the cinnamon ones? :)
pdubbb (L3) posted Feb 04, 2012
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Havent found anything online cheaper than .31 an ounce online. I did notice that Target sells them as well if you have one near by next time your out if you goto their facebook page you can locate stores by your zip that sell them maybe another local will have a better price but, seeing the prices online i would say .31 per ounce is a pretty good deal for Cinnamon. Just told the wife to add that to her next Grocery run havent tried them but, they sound interesting. Good luck

SATEAT (L1) posted Feb 04, 2012