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Strange things on Deals plus I wonder about,

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First off I am a creature of habit and if any one notices I post late at night or early in the morning on most days. I post from the same stores but have been known to venture to different ones. I post between 15-20 deals a day. On weekends this may be higher. I post from stores that I have bought from.

I follow 41 fellow dealers because its not that I know them it's that I like their deals, I try to add new people to follow but heck I feel that I am still new and can not help any one. 

I wonder how a duplicate deal can get more plus  then the original and the dup stays. I wonder why if some one adds a code why they don't just update the original deal. Both have happened in the past week. 

Had a deal on the heating up page with 27 plus updated it with a lower price for a code and then it started over like it was a new deal. 

Yesterday I posted 5 deals and 3 of my five were brought down to 0 plus. Which is fine if they didn't like half off deals and these three were all 50% off the original price.

I have also had updates on my own deals never show up 

Had another member post negative on a post that was updated by someone else, When originally posted it was a great deal, I am sure the update was great too until it sold out. 

I joined this site because I love posting deals. I have no friends on here so if I get plussed it is because they like the deal. Although I would love to make friends.

I have posted my share of duplicate deals but I have always tried to expire them, It isn't fair to the original poster.I also try to post the best deals I can find. Not every one likes every ones deals and I know this. I am far from perfect when it comes to finding great awesome deals but I try. I try to be friendly with my comments and if I don't like a deal I move on. 

Is there a secret to this and doing it right that I am missing 
all help is appreciated  

catchersmom posted Mar 20, 2012

I'm new at posting, been a member for a few years. I don't really have a response for most of the things you bring up, but I know that sometimes when I look for a deal that has been posted before I doesn't show up in a search nor later when I'm posting it does it show up as a duplicate. If it is brought to my attention that I posted a dup, I'll gladly expire the posting, as it should be.

But the rest of it really makes no sense at all. I'm sorry to hear you seem to have had people screw up your plusses. :-/

nthsll (rep: 12.5k) posted Mar 20, 2012


Congratulations! You (shimisi) have been approved to join our exciting new Money Makers Program,...

I thought I'd be extremely pumped upon reading that; but I'm not sure I am. I'm not completely psyched because there are "strange things on I wonder about" as well. They're really disheartening.

For what it's worth, thank you for giving me a funny, strange thing to wonder about, for a change--- tag = shoes.

shimisi (rep: 140k) posted Mar 20, 2012


I think you'll find explanations to some of your stuff if you read through enough of these ASK & SHARE posts. Most have been adressed in one way or another.

Regarding dulplicate deals, many times there are legitimate reasons one post stays. It takes a while to figure what deals may have actually come first. Do you FLAG the other deal as a "dulpicate"? IMO, that's the best thing to do. People will not always mark their own deals as duplicates, because they simply don't know that they are. The mods should check if you flag it (and that is not the same as leaving a comment) and will usually keep the deal in that was there first. --Maybe your post is missing info., or the other deal was a deal update and appears to be there later but actually wasn't. Sometimes, there may really just be an honest mistake involved but this really doesn't seem to happen that often.

I don't know why people are unplussing you and if it is intentional/personal or not. If you think you have a "negative stalker" (and it's more than just a couple posts being unplussed), I would contact the Mods here as I would think they would be able to tell.

There's no real secret. Just understand that everyone has ways of wanting things done, and things here are not always going to get done the way you personally may want them done. But, it's really pretty fair here IMHO; you just have to deal with doing things the way they do them, not the way you want them to be done. That's probably the secret...

MHT962 (rep: 3.3k) posted Mar 20, 2012


I am also noticing lots of duplicate deals and I comment to let the poster known then flag if they are not bothered to expire it. One thing I have learned is the value of updating an existing deal, because I have noticed users updating a deal even if it expired last year! I guess I thought if a certain amount of time passed it should be a new deal.

Most don't, though, so that was confusing for me initially. Heck, when I started I saw so many duplicate deals that it was confusing to understand that should not be done, yet is still done a lot and some users take advantage of getting away with it. So it is great to hear someone else is following "the rules" as I interpret them :)

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Mar 20, 2012


If i go to post a deal and it says duplicate i usually still update the deal with the new price even if it is higher than the previous deal, just so everyone that clicks it will have an accurate price when they do go to the site. The only thing I don't understand is why deals with the most plusses don't automatically go to the hot page and why expired deals on the hot page don't automatically go off the hot page to make room for the most plussed deals, it seems like hot deals aren't updated as often as they should.

krmills1 (rep: 14.4k) posted Mar 20, 2012


Most of you that have posted here in this thread are relatively new so all this could be a lil' bit overwhelming and maybe even disheartening at times - However, you do learn as you go on. I have actively posted deals/coupons for a lil' over a year now and there are still things that perplex me...

There are measures you can take and help you can seek if you have questions on deals you post/see.

The mods here are awesome and in my experience, answer questions quite rapidly even though they might think them trivial or irritating:)

If you believe that a deal you posted has been duped by another member, you can flag the dupe deal and put a comment in it linking to your deal so the mods can decide which stays/goes.

Original deals are supposed to be updated but there are circumstances where you can create a whole new deal and have it counted. After time and experience you learn to roll with the flow and there are thousands of deals/coupons that are all over the net at any given time so there's always something to post.

Don't get too frustrated and if you have questions/concerns, etc. ask them. The only "stupid" question is the one not asked.

blackfoot (rep: 1m) posted Mar 21, 2012


Thanks for all the comments, I try to do the best as is I can here, I really enjoy the site

catchersmom (rep: 24.9k) posted Mar 21, 2012