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Subcribe to text message deals?

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I've been noticing that A LOT of retailers now have text message deals where they text you when they have some type of promotions. So my question what do you guys think of it? and if you guys DO subscribe to text message deals, which stores are the best to subscribe? I would definitely like to see text message deals here on Maybe get a text to the top 5 deals of the day or something. That will definitely be a nice feature.
PLUSME posted Nov 16, 2010

that would be a cool feature..the top five texts or something. i don't personally receive texts for deals, but i can see how it's be pretty darn handy =).

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Nov 16, 2010


I have unlimited texts on my plan, so I sign up for alerts for stores I like.

JCPenny has a weekly alert that's usually $10 off $50. This last one was $10 off $25. You just show the text to the clerk and they type the code into the register. Sometimes you have to tell them where to look since I think their text program might be new. Alternatively, maybe I just had an unfamiliar clerk.

Target has decent offers weekly on various items. I believe I get 2 messages per week from them: the first with the offers and another warning message before the deals expire. To sign up, text OFFERS to TARGET (827 438)

Victoria's Secret's are okay, but they tend to just be announcements of other sales happening, so if you get the emails like I do, it's just redundant. Their VS Pink and VS Proper lines have 2 separate text subscriptions, and my evaluation applies to both.

Bath and Body Works sends text coupons also, which I like. The most recent I have on my phone now is from 10/29 for $10 off $30 through 11/28, so it's nice that they don't keep spamming you daily to buy stuff from them. I also like that they identify themselves at the beginning of each text so you don't have to add the number to your address book to know who it's coming from.

Out of those, Target was the only one who told you how to sign up in case you wanted to tell someone else about it... Interesting.

Perkalicious11 (rep: 4.9k) posted Nov 17, 2010


Oh i guess that would be neat.The alerts that i get for deals is from this site through email.

Rukee (rep: 25) posted Nov 17, 2010