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Alienware Laptops and Laptops in General for Black Friday

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Do you guys think Alienware will have good deals for the Black Friday Sale? Like would they sell their laptops for around 599? Or would it be a small price drop. And for laptops in general, would Best Buy sell 4 gb ram, dedicated graphics laptops for like 499?
s1mplyr4nd0m (L2) posted Oct 14, 2008

Usually the sale laptops are not top line.. they are the low level ones.

moose (L5) posted Oct 14, 2008


I agree with Moose. $499 might be cheap, but watch out.

I stay away from the advertised electronics on those days and look at the stuff I really like and want. Usually you can find a good discount their too. You just have to look.

BigJJ (L5) posted Oct 14, 2008


Don't buy alienware stuff. Honestly. All you're paying for is a fancy logo and they're customer service.

All their parts can be found in a different laptop for substantially cheaper. Alienware is all about brand name.

Check out sites like ibuypower.com if you're interested in a gaming laptop.

As for a 4GB laptop with a dedicated graphics card, that's pretty much impossible to find. Most laptops run an integrated graphics card (which isn't terrible since you'll have 4GB of RAM to buffer it) but I'm going to hazard a guess and say these will cost you at least 700.

tehk1w1 (L5) posted Oct 15, 2008


That may be true but BB has been selling a Gateway M6862 Laptop 4 gig and dedicated graphics card (512 mb) for around 499 but on at certain stores. Btw, ty for the site.

s1mplyr4nd0m (L2) posted Nov 05, 2008