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Editting Deals and Alive Agains

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I always see that a deal was edited by . What defines that a person can edit deals? Also, are you people that good that if I write "Expired" in a deals comments 2 minutes later its updated in the deal, or is there some kind of logic in the web app that notices this? Also, when a deal becomes "Alieve Again" does the individual who posts the updated info get some sort of pat on the back or is it just bragging rights? Man I love this site... :)
smallzfsu (L5) posted Jun 01, 2007

Admins are the only people who edit the deals, so either Jowk, Ellis, or Vin Diesal. I guess you get a pat on the back if you correct a deal.....its just added to your overall contribution to the site. You can write dead deal, and then flag it, and then one of the admins will get to it in a short period of time, to label it as expired.

DrkBluePGT (L5) posted Jun 01, 2007



smallzfsu (L5) posted Jun 01, 2007


You get a +6 in your comments from an admin..I'm not sure if Vin does it cause I don't think I got a +6 from him, but I know for sure Ellis does!

This question was also brought up before. Although it sounds like a good idea, I think it is too complicated to have to keep track of. People might start flagging deals as duplicates all over the place. Look at it this way..you get a +6, your post a comment so the # of comments increases, and if you submit a frontpaged deal and someone else find it and flags it alive again and inaccurate..all that credit still goes back to you. So in essense we are always recycling and paying one another back. =D

Eve15 (L5) posted Jun 01, 2007


I've gotten +6 from Vin for comments...and from ellis and from jowk...but I also notice sometimes they simply forget to plus the comment while updating the deal..well..they are human..:)

vectra5 (L5) posted Jun 01, 2007


Im not looking for anything to change, I think its more than fine the way it is, I just like to know the ins and outs. Who knows, maybe someday I can answer somebody's question!! :)

smallzfsu (L5) posted Jun 02, 2007


99.9 % of the time, you do get + 6 points for updating deals. I havent had a problem with that....

bossusa (L5) posted Jun 02, 2007