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Think You're Resourceful? A Comprehensive Money Saver's List that Any Good Money Saver Should Know!

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First things first: Groceries -if you have a family, get a costco club card -for others who don't have many mouths to feed get club cards for ralph's, albertson's, etc... -also keep an eye out for coupons for local stores/restaurants that are mailed to your homes - you can save a lot. Finally, here is my pesonal money-saver's list! [You must know this site!] -has very well-updated list of coupons to nearly every site and store. This should be your first place to check out. [4 Generally great deal-sharing sites] 1) - hands down best for quantity and quality 2) 3) -check out editor's pick section -very organized 4) -has loads of deals (sometimes repetives) -lots of freebees if you're into that *these sites often have deals overlap, but they also provide many unique deals [List of sites that any good money saver should know] 1) - anything -Undoubtedly the best for their competitive pricing and wide selection 2) - pretty much anything -a great place to buy basically anything. -For electronics or things that usually need to be tested/checked out before buying, be sure to check the sellers' feedback and the items they have sold 3) - accessories -great for accessories. coupons often found on the web and deal sites 4) (Electronics & Accessories) -it's free to sign up to save additional through coupons 5) Newegg - electronics/computers -great deals and selection -shellshocker deals 6) - electronics/office supplies -be sure to buy coupons (i.e. 25 off 75 or 10 off 50) from reputable ebay sellers to save! -great rebate programs (you can combine coupons AND rebates to save additional! rebates = money back) 7) - daily deals -has new deals every day, but are often cheap quality so beware and research before buying! 8) - daily deals -one of the BEST/RELIABLE daily deals sites 9) yugster - daily deals -should be better than 1saleaday 10) shadora - daily deals/jewelry -you need to be jewelry savvy if you want to make sure what you buy is worth the money 11) - watches -sells number of "expensive" watches at a deeply discounted price -check amazon/ebay for competitive pricing -be sure to research about/look up the brands 12) - jewelry/diamonds -a great selection of quality jewels at awesome prices -just check it out, you'll see what I mean 13) - restaurant certificates -has a nice selection of parcipating restaurants -check retailmenot for coupons (sometimes 80% off = $100 for $8) 14) - books -why buy books at their full price when you can get them for half? -I personally use amazon, half, and ebay. [Clothing sites] The 4 deal sites above VERY OFTEN have coupon codes for many popular/renown clothing brands. Also check out retailmenot! Well is is my comprehensive list of sites to save money. I guarantee you'll save loads for any occasion. For any other suggestions, please, please fill me in! Thanks! Chris
yoonhjc posted Jul 03, 2011