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Tip for ordering Mother's Day flower delivery

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Here are a few tips that will make Mother's Day even brighter for mom, and save you some good money. When you send flowers for Mother's Day:

1, Select flowers that are noted as "Same Day Delivery" / florist delivered. If you don't, mom could end up with flowers that come in a box, and have to assemble the arrangement into the vase herself.

2. Have flowers delivered on Friday, before Mother's Day. If you have flowers delivered on Mother's Day, she might not receive them til the very end of the day. You want mom to wake up to a beautiful arrangement, enjoy the flowers and feel loved ALL weekend!! Not feel potentially forgotten. Plus, you'll save a good chunk of change having the arrangement delivered on a weekday. Win-win.

3. Upgrade the flowers to the medium or large size arrangement! Each arrangement offered by an online florist usually is offered in different sizes, vase options, and add-ons for a bit more money. The cost difference to upgrade is nominal, considering this is your mom!

Online Flower merchants like FTD, 1-800-Flowers, and ProFlowers are offering really competitive deals like 20% off savings on Mother's Day arrangements right now. Prices will jump quite a bit in the next few days, so it's good to order sooner than later.
Jdrodrigues (L4) posted May 06, 2013

These are great tips. I'd like to add, always follow up with the recipient to confirm that they got what you ordered. I've had good luck directly calling a florist local to my mom for delivery - except for one year when the same place delivered a $15 arrangement in place of the $60 I paid for. How did they think I wouldn't find out? They immediately delivered the proper one along with a lot of apology when I complained.

fluffy (L4) posted May 09, 2013


Resurrecting this topic to help others for Mother's Day 2014!

MColeto (L5) posted May 05, 2014


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aluiza91 (L1) posted May 06, 2014