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Tips on on how to post deals quickly and beat speedy posters :)

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Hi all, I know that there are a lot of people here on DP that complained before about some of the users that post many deals and could be using auto posting bots. Well, I thought about it and wanted to share some tips that can help other users to compete. Here is what I think might help:
Tip 1 Get second monitor if you don't have multi monitor set up. This will speed up your multi tasking dramatically. Tip 2 For example:If you are using to look for deals and post them here on DP... a) Go to "Hot Deals" Forum section in SD and keep this page open. b) While page open hit F5 key as many time as you want. This will refresh page quicker and you will be able to see newly posted deals faster. Just hit F5 key rapidly and then use refresh button from browser to test differences. c) When page refresh page look at "Replies" and "Views" columns. Look for lowest count (0 or 1) - it means deals are brand new. d) Also you can go to "New Filtering Options" and change your settings there to your liking). Tip 3 When you see fresh deal posted, right mouse click on that link and open it in new tab or new window. Then click on deal link inside newly opened page. As soon as URL (page address) changes from slickdeals to deal address, do not wait until page is fully loaded and quickly copy and paste new address into deals plus "New Deal" field. But make sure that the deal is legit before posting it on DP!!! NOTEKeep DP Submit page open every time (where you paste your deal link) so you save navigation time). You can even open multiple browsers and keep Submit page open to speed up process. Tip 4 Use keyboard shortcuts. To copy URL, highlight it and press and keys To paste URL, press and keys Tip 5 Always use presentable picture for the deal that best describes that deal. Better picture, better chance to get more plusses Tip 6 Update your profile. Make it more "user friendly". Add nice picture to your profile, add favorite links, write something about yourself. Let people know about yourself. Remember that when people click on your profile you earn $$ as well. Tip 7 This is more info then a tip: Internet speed and your PC configuration affects your posting abilities. Faster internet speed and better/newer your PC is, the quicker your deals will show up. Tip 8 Create Facebook and Twitter accounts. You will get a lot of help from these resources. Tip 9 Remember that a lot of stores have Twitter and Facebook accounts. They post coupons and deals there very often. So follow most popular stores to catch those coupons and deals. Tip 10 Make sure when you post deals on DP your deals are complete - with expiration dates, valid links, info, shipping price, etc. If you do not complete our deal post it might not get too far and might be buried. Hope I covered most of the tips. If you have other tips please share them here.
belarus94 posted Sep 12, 2011

Wow! Super ideas! You went to a lot of trouble to suggest all of this and I thank you for that - there were a lot of ideas that never crossed my mind! :)

The only other suggestion I can think of is "NEVER - EVER - SLEEP! (You might miss a really good deal!)" LOL! ;)

But seriously - thank you for all the great suggestions. :)

FibroMom (rep: 249k) posted Sep 15, 2011


can you help me ?

yoyocctv (rep: 13) posted Sep 07, 2016