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Tips to Getting the Best Bargains on Black Friday?

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Any secrets or tips? Thanks!
Vin_Diesel posted Nov 02, 2010

Camp out early if you are planning to wait in line or stay glued to your computer starting 9pm (PST)

TOTOOO (rep: 50.8k) posted Nov 02, 2010


ahhh i shall have to agree with TOTOOO!

if you're into electronics (best buy, staples, etc) then camping out is probably the way to go. eat an early thanksgiving dinner (or even lunch), grab a few friends, get some comfy camping chairs, bundle up, and wait in line!

if you're into outlet malls, they usually open around midnight and have additional sales between midnight and 3am. it varies from outlet to outlet though so check yours out at the website! ooh and i definitely suggest driving there early b/c traffic builds up real quick =p

otherwise, like TOTOOO said, get on your computer first thing in the morning and click away!!! =)

can't wait for black friday to roll around. not sure what i'm going to do yet...maybe a combination of all those? heheheh

Christine (rep: 29.2k) posted Nov 02, 2010


and save your receipts in case you impulse buy and find it cheaper somewhere else later! lol

dvinegrace83 (rep: 37.4k) posted Nov 03, 2010


all are a few of the tips off the top of my head.

1. scope out what you want first so that way you have a plan. i think it's better to know what you want and then go get it rather than taking the "i'll browse" approach. when you browse, you don't focus in on items and you end up losing what could've been an awesome deal.

2. check with the stores the week before and ask them if they have sales throughout the whole week or not. some stores such as fry's will have the same sale throughout the whole weekend. this means you can go in on saturday or sunday and bypass the rush, and still get the item for the sale price. so check ahead of time.

3. if purchasing a bit item, such as a tv or something, ask the stores which models will go on sale for BF. many stores know which exact models will be on sale. Fry's was able to tell me which tv model they were going to have on sale the week before BF. this allowed me to decided whether or not i'd invest my time there or not.

4. check online deals. many stores have the same deals online as in the store. this means you don't have to wait in line at midnight. i was able to avoid my wait in the wee hours of the morning by just waiting until the time was right and then purchasing online. i was then able to get the item shipped to me. i saved time and money. can't beat that.

5. if you choose to go wait in line, many times it's best to get there early. some stores such as Coach will pass out little vouchers that allow you to save a percentage ON TOP of the BF sale. so though it may feel like a waste of time, go early.

6. to follow up with #5, if you're ever shopping during a big sale, seriously..just look down. those vouchers that i was mentioning, a lot of times people drop them if they don't want it or if they don't care for it. so go ahead and just look down. if it looks like a just might be.

7. don't be embarrassed. go ahead and ask the cashier if they take AAA or any other discounts that might be available to you.

8. before BF, if you want to go to an outlet, go to the welcome center and see if they have coupons to pass out. a lot of times they have a welcome booklet with coupons for like 10% off or something. check it out. it might be worth it.

9. sometimes the battle isn't about finding the best deal, but rather getting to the good deals quickly. how do you do that? bypass the long lines. many stores, such as bestbuy, allow you to purchase your item at the customer service kiosk, but not everyone knows that =).

10. it's all about experience. put in the time and effort and it'll usually pay off in the end.

11. be positive =).

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Nov 03, 2010