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Today 5/4 is my dogs 10th B-day.. So Happy Birthday Dodge!!!! Got me thinking who has pets here, what kind, how old??

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In June 2006 my husband and I adopted a retired greyhound (Dodge). We considered many other breeds, but something attracted us to greyhounds. Such a calm dog, with so many miles on his legs. When he came home with us in 2006, he was so scared about everything!! Ceiling fans scared him, actually his own refection scared him as he would bark at his refection in the slider door. He did accomplish a couple of things that most greyhounds struggle with he learned to climb the stairs to our second floor and back down and he actually would "sit" and give "his paw"! Dodge has come a very long way since that June day, and continues to learn new things about retired life! If you are thinking about bringing a dog into your family, I would consider a greyhound. They are very easy going pets who are big gentle giants who do well with kids and truly appreciate everything you do for them!! Happy Birthday to Dodge!! :)
branie posted May 03, 2011

1/2 Golden Retriever 1/2 Gold Lab - 14 1/2 years old :)
Tuxedo Cat - 12 years old.

omegafemale (rep: 214k) posted May 03, 2011


Happy birrthday DoDGE!!!!

I have 6 yorkshire terriers and 1 cat=P

boy is 5 turning 6 years old in 6 day!

girl is 2 1/5

and 4 PUPIES=)

and a FAT 3 Year old cat, who only comes to me when hes hungry

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted May 04, 2011


i don't know what breed was the cat never look into it, someone found him alone on the street and we adopted him ( he was a cute a$$ kitten then)

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted May 04, 2011


Happy Birthday to Dodge.

I have a long haired barking rat(really a dog I think) Check my profile pics.

I just found a box turtle walking down the road and now he is in my back yard.

Bottle fed a couple baby squirrels that I released in my back yard when they were grown. They have been outside for almost a year now. They still come down daily to be hand fed nuts and stuff. They can be seen in my pics here

The day after Christmas I heard what sounded like my pet squirrel being killed so I ran outside to find a lovebird looking down at me from a tree branch. I got a cracker and he flew right down to me. I put an add on Craigslist "Found small tame bird" I got almost 30 emails from different people that had lost anything from parrots to macaws. All really sad stories but no lovebirds. Make a long story short he is still with me.

akaricke (rep: 161k) posted May 04, 2011


Lol what an awesome pet colletion...a animal savior

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted May 04, 2011


Happy Bday dodge,
I have 2 clown fish (one black, one like nemo) and a damsel fish (blue and yellow). about 2 years old. I also have a bunch of coral I would consider pets as well, since I like them just as much as my fish and spend more money on them then the fish and they are living plants with mouths, can move, have skeletons and sometimes arms or feet. A marine fish tank is so fun and butiful, but its expensive at first to start up. Some of my coral I've owned for 6 years. Its interesting to see how other organisms reproduce, especially coral. Some coral you can just cut in half or break, and both pieces will grow. Its pretty fun.

some of the coral I have:
frogspawn, fungai plate, birdsnest, anthelia, anenome, kenya tree, leather, bunches of mushrooms, green and orange plates

Other critters:
turbo snail, astrea snail, micro star fish, copepods, hermit crabs, pin cushion sea urchin, emerald crabs

Thants just some of the stuff in there
a whole bunch of contained life in my front room :)

Good question @branie

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted May 04, 2011


HAppy Birthday Dodge! We have 3 cats at our house. 1 Female Turkish Van that is a total princess and 2 male flame point himilayan brothers. We have a guy in our neighborhood that walks his geese through the neighborhood. The brothers will join in the walk when he gets to our house. The cats will go as far as another house (almost around the block) that has cats and then they turn around and come home.

evosberg (rep: 53) posted May 04, 2011


Nice to see so many pets lovers! The amount of different animals everyone has is so fascinating!! :)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, Dodge is having a fantastic birthday! We just came back from a long walk in the rain, not so fun for me, but he sure thought it was!! :)

branie (rep: 129k) posted May 04, 2011


Our golden retreiver, Mollie (age 9) sends her birthday wishes to Dodge..."WOOF"...!!!

EzzyLovesToSave (rep: 428k) posted May 04, 2011


Happy Birthday to my Dodgie! Branie you forgot to mention our pet ants, ha!!! lol :)

themoneyman1113 (rep: 114k) posted May 04, 2011


Ants are not pets, just a big nuisance!!!

branie (rep: 129k) posted May 04, 2011


I have 2 cats. Jerzee is 4 years old and Peppy was roughly 4 weeks and in bad shape when we found her in the woods. She is 2 1/2 now. And we recently got a new pitbull puppy named Diesel who is 3 months old. Oh and my fish, 3 tanks in the house with black convicts, id sharks, clown loaches, spotted pleco, and one is a puffer tank.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted May 04, 2011

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milesz (rep: -16) posted May 04, 2011


Happy Birthday Dodge :)

I have 2 cats - both main coons. One is a girl (4 years old) and 7 lbs, and the other one is a boy (3 years old) and 22 lbs. Their names Mia and Max. Max has a birthday on May 7th (same with my wife). Too bad we cannot post pictures here. I should upload pics on the photobucket and add links here

belarus94 (rep: 64.8k) posted May 05, 2011


belarus94- I also wish we could post pictures here!! :) I love the name Mia...

branie (rep: 129k) posted May 05, 2011


I have 7 cats, all rescues. DSH black and white, DSH tortoiseshell, DLH all black, Norwegian forest cat tortoiseshell, DLH silver grey, balinese, and the newest guy a young, rambunctious DLH (with some maine coon) cream orange. All of the others are 7-10 years old.

karthwyne (rep: 1.3k) posted May 06, 2011


7 cats, WOW!!

branie (rep: 129k) posted May 06, 2011