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Too Late To Be A Money Maker?

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Hello, all.

I've earned a few clicks and pl.uses as a Member on here, but I hadn't applied to be a Money Maker.
Should I be approved, will my MM Dashboard start from scratch at that point; or will my old clicks
and pl.uses be counted?


P.S. How the heck do I get line wrap in here?

shimisi posted Mar 15, 2012

I don't know for a fact but I would think you would just get paid from when you apply on. If they had to plan to go back and issue money retroactively, it could be an accounting and budget nightmare.

MHT962 (rep: 3.3k) posted Mar 15, 2012


I didn't get paid for old deals before I joined MM......

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Mar 15, 2012


it's never too late to join DP. just put your heart and soul into it and you will make lots of money. go get em tiger!

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted Mar 15, 2012


Yup, when I found out that you can make money and applied it counted the clicks from after I applied. However, any deals that you posted before you get approved are counted starting when you're approved. So you don't get credit for clicks on them before, but just because you posted the deal before MM doesn't mean the new clicks on it won't count. I hope that makes sense. Plus you will have an edge for having plusses already. I say go for it!

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Mar 15, 2012


It makes perfect sense, dealwagger. Thanks, everyone. When I first joined as a member, I thought it was automatic that clicks and plusses were being counted towards possible earnings. I just found out I have to apply to be a MM separately. Oh well. Cheers for the encouragement!

shimisi (rep: 140k) posted Mar 16, 2012