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Unpublished Deals - Social Media Sharing

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Hello Admins and DP Users,

I have experienced something very tricky here. I had one of my deals with the "Unpublished" status, which means only visible to me. I opened that deal and shared it on Twitter. To my surprise, it was not only shareable but the link in the Tweet was also clickable and redirected me to the Unpublished deal. To check further, I copied the link from the tweet and opened in the Incognito Mode, and was able to access it.

I also copied the direct link of my Unpublished Deal and opened it in Incognito Mode. It was again accessible.

Someone please cross-check too as if it only happened to me or is it really something that Admins need to look into.

Thanks :)
secrettofitness (L1) posted Aug 03, 2020

Hello, @secrettofitness

You should be careful in using the "Social Media Sharing" tool, I have read this forum from head to toe to learn little by little.

And I have found something that catches my attention and that in turn is incomprehensible or meaningless that there is a tool to be able to share offers through social networks, or in turn do digital marketing. Because I say this; in this post:

"Community Guidelines for New and Certified Users"

I quote the following: "3. No consistent self promotion"

Let's put the scenario that there are many MMs who are influencers in the most demanded social networks Twitter or Facebook, and they share their offers on their networks. It is logical for your audience to come in and see the offers and get lots of views.

So there is a probability that the moderators will accuse you of "consistent self promotion", so I do not think it logical for those functions to be on the page if it can harm many MMs, or maybe it is benefit only for a few MMs. I have seen that many here promote themselves on "Pinterest" and then what happens to them?

I really do not understand the function of the "Social Media Sharing" tool (if it can cause problems for you), but rather for DP it is a benefit that its content is shared on the networks and thus attract more clients and users.

Regarding your question, when you publish any offer, the link can be seen by anyone (if they make you like to grab the link and open it in different browsers), when it is published it is visible to the DP public.

I hope I helped with my answer.

princess32cre (L1) posted Aug 03, 2020


Priceess32cre .. your answer here makes no sense. You did not get what I am saying in the first place :) .. I will wait for the mod to respond :)

secrettofitness (L1) posted Aug 03, 2020



Regardless of the deal status, you and admin will always have an access to that deal (have an access to the deal URL). We are not gong to stop DP users using their PERSONAL social media account to share good deals with friends & family. However, I would wait and see if your deal gets published first and then share.

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 04, 2020


Thanks @Notbad :) .. My only concern was to ensure that only the Published Deals could be shared :) .. we MMs are a part of this community and it is our responsibility to make this place an amazing experience. Thanks for always being so prompt in responding and getting things done :)

secrettofitness (L1) posted Aug 04, 2020