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Upcoming Newsletter!

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Just got this email, here in case you missed it:

Hey Money Makers!

We’d like to announce a new bi-weekly newsletter, specially delivered to Money Makers to keep you guys up-to-date on news and trends for the site. And guess what? This is the first one!

Every two weeks we’ll have site tips & trends, news & updates and even recognize our top Money Maker’s (possible prizes & bonuses, so stay tuned!)

News and Updates
You may have noticed more deals on the Hot Deals (or home page) of lately. We’ve recently changed our front page algorithm (which let’s us know what deals are most popular based on “saves”, clicks, click throughs, time on site, and many other factors) to allow for more deals on the front page. Hopefully this encourages everyone to post more great offers, with a better chance of getting on the front page. We’ve already seen a handful of new users make the top spots!

We continually test these aspects of the site and are always looking for the best fit for ALL visitors as the site grows. 

Tips and Trends
Mother’s Day sales and related offers have been some of the most popular items on the site of late. But that’s not all that’s been trending. Try finding great deals and coupons in the following categories and stores and see if it makes a difference in your earnings:

  • Categories:
    • Mother’s Day Sales
    • Memorial Day Sales
    • Jewelry / Watches
    • Flowers / Gift Baskets
    • Shoes, Spring Clothing &
    • Accessories
    • TVs, Laptops, Tablets

  • Stores:

What’s in store...
We have a BIG announcement coming in the next couple weeks that should be VERY exciting for users and Money Makers. We’ll also be recognizing top MM's (based on many different criteria). Stay tuned for more news, tips and more in the next couple weeks!
cid681 posted May 06, 2013

Definitely looking forward to the BIG announcement!

Nellysg (rep: 448k) posted May 06, 2013


I would love to get the newsletter in my inbox. Sometimes I miss emails

Brentheriot (rep: 64.9k) posted May 06, 2013


I didnt see that email, it is very interesting. Thanks for sharing here..I've been on the MM program for a week and being trying to submit coupons for EastBay which is on of the stores I see listed there and I get the following: This store has disabled user coupon submission....SO what is the other option I have? Why are there some stores disabled for coupon submission?

kevin07 (rep: 25.7k) posted May 06, 2013


Some stores want to reward people who sign up for emails or regularly visit their site with coupons instead of the people visiting deal sites. You can still post sales and individual items at sites like EastBay, just not coupons.

zarrow (rep: 2.2k) posted May 06, 2013


saw the email too. I'm really curious to see what the BIG announcement is...

zoneric (rep: 58.2k) posted May 07, 2013


it's an interesting idea to have a newsletter for MM users. I like it a lot. I can't wait to see what tips we will receive in the next weeks. and of course, what the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT sounds like!

ancagavs (rep: 18.4k) posted May 07, 2013