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Sometimes when I was posting deals, the notification occured saying it's dupicate one. But the original one was several months ago. If I choose update, the new price of that deal will not appear in the most recent pages. But definately, the price is much lower than the original one, also there's a lot of changes. I am not sure how to deal with such situation. If update, it's difficult to share the new price because people have to click hundred times to find that deal...
wangruigang1985 posted Nov 25, 2010

The policy seems to be to always update. And it is the best thing to do regarding google i doesn't take duplicate content very well. And don't worry, if it's a great deal you're gonna get clicks in no time. Some of my most clicked deals are updates. :)

deedeeme (rep: 2.5k) posted Nov 25, 2010


I second deedeeme, because even though you may think the update wont be visible, sometimes you get more clicks for it than an original post.

livebetter (rep: 1.5k) posted Nov 25, 2010


Actually, once you update a deal, the edit will be reviewed by a site moderator and moved back to the top of the fresh deals page within an hour. Its always better to update a deal, unless it is a completely different offer.

Acarone (DealsPlus mod) posted Nov 25, 2010


If it's the same product then I usually update the deal. However, many times the same site will reveal a new product, so I just post a new deal.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Nov 25, 2010


is it really ok for someone to update with "non essential" info added to a NEW deal? meaning, not a coupon nor an expiration just "news" type stuff or a second item also on sale - example ... example2.

am i wrong to think it's NOT ok?

omegafemale (rep: 214k) posted Dec 07, 2010