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Upgraded to the iPhone 5!!

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I finally upgraded to an iPhone 5 from an iPhone 4s and I love it as much as I loved the 4s, if not more!

Awesome Features:
#1. CAMERA is AMAZING. The clarity and the speed of taking pictures are great improvements. (see my sample pic below). I would say get the iPhone 5 just for the camera. Need to take a pic in low light area? No problem! Bust out your iPhone 5!

#2. SHAKE to SHUFFLE. Did  you know there is a "Shake to Shuffle" feature? For music lovers, all you have to do is go to settings and turn it on. You shake your phone and it will change to the next song. Technology only gets better with each upgrade!

#3. PERFORMANCE. I'm on Verizon 4G LTE and it's super fast. Watching youTube videos sure is fun now that it doesn't take so much time loading and more viewing time! The speed of sending a text message / iMessage has also improved.

#4. NEW CHARGER. I know many fellow Apple users were disappointed when they announced a new lightning speed charger as I was too. Now I have to go out there and spend $30 to get one for my office, my car, etc.) It's all worth it. It charges so fast hence the name LIGHTNING speed. I also like that it's interchangeable so there is no wasting time to see if you are plugging it in the right way.

#5 BIGGER SCREEN. I definitely appreciate a bigger screen. Turn it side ways and you've got a wide screen view. Since the phone is now lengthier, it gives me an extra row of icon aps to store on one screen.

Here is my first picture I took with my iPhone 5:

gangstabarbie posted Jan 09, 2013

Nice post. I just became a smart phone user 2 months ago. Got a Samsung Galaxy 3S. Can't imagine how I went without it for as many as 5 years.

lilywow (rep: 8.7k) posted Jan 09, 2013


I think the iPhone is the best invention ever! I have been an iPhone user for the past year and it never loses its' value to me.

A bit of advice to anyone who has their iPhone jailbroken or wants to: The iOS 6.0.1 upgrade isn't worth it! The best advice is stay at 5.1.1 so you can stay running on an untethered (you do not need to plug your iPhone into the computer to jailbreak again if your iPhone gets turned off/loses power) jailbreak :) (I learned the hard way)!

LokaFreeThings2 (rep: 3k) posted Jan 09, 2013


Shake to shuffle has been on iPhones for quite awhile. And LTE is just lightning fast no matter what phone you have. I was pulling 25Mbps in Dallas.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Jan 10, 2013


ya I just transitioned out of the iPhone. Besides LTE, there is nothing worthwhile in this upgrade from 4S to the 5. At least they fixed Google Maps - the maps on the new OS was complete crap for half a year. From 4S to Galaxy S3 is like a new world, everything is just so much better all around.

kffight3r (rep: 774) posted Jan 10, 2013


Absolutely ^^

I was an iphone user through 3 generations. There is no way I would even think about going back to being so restricted by Apple.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Jan 10, 2013


iPhone 5 seems great, but the fact is that it is a disappointing device compared to Samsung galaxy S3.

Rosaura1234 (rep: 709) posted Jan 10, 2013


Cool. I have the iPhone 5. You check out my blog. I cover many iPhone 5 accessories at the moment.

jkbane (rep: 26) posted Jan 11, 2013


it seems cool

virazhou (rep: 155) posted Jan 11, 2013