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Valentines Day - Love it or Hate it?

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Just curious what everyones thoughts are. Personally I hate it. Id rather be spontaneous and send my wife flowers when they arent expected. Or to come home and have her with a nice romantic dinner all ready to go. Its a bit different for me than most people since I travel to work 3 weeks a month so we do more of these little things that spice things up.
Acidbaby posted Feb 13, 2011

I don't hate it,. but I agree with you. Why should there be one day when you really should be showing your feelings all the time?

karthwyne (rep: 1.3k) posted Feb 13, 2011


do you think doing all these on St. Valentine’s Day would change your love from a fledgling one to a blooming one? It is all in the mind fellas, if you do wonderful things for your opposite sex partners on other days, they too will appreciate it just as much, but the trouble is, your forget to be nice the other 364 days of the year!

mdgirl (rep: 7.1k) posted Feb 13, 2011


Now Valentine's Day has become more commercialized,spending money on each other.Love is much more complex than this. Each day you should celebrate just being good friends to one another, supporting one another.I know this is tough but emotional investment is the only investment keep the relationship longer & stronger.

dealhugger (rep: 5.3k) posted Feb 13, 2011


I usually get a Symphony candy bar and a card. The restaurants are too busy, so forget that. If my husband got me a necklace or anything more I'd be mad because he'd be wasting money. He's a writer so there is always a beautiful message in the card and that is enough for me! If people have the money and want to spend it on St. V's Day, go for it! I think it is a wonderful holiday, because it helps remind us to appreciate each other. Sure we should be doing that every day, but having an annual reminder is nice!

VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 12.4k) posted Feb 14, 2011


Me and the misses just had play time. saved our money. I don't mind, we have a day for everything else, including presidents & groundhogs. Doesn't mean you have to spend money. I even made a card and taped cut outs and pictures into it. she loved it. cost me about 15 minutes of my time. well worth it.

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted Feb 14, 2011


My husband works 3 wks offshore, similar to you. I got a phone call today... We'll do something fun next week. For me & my kids, valentines is a fun holiday to make crafts to give to people we love.

Brentheriot (rep: 64.9k) posted Feb 14, 2011


Brentheriot, I know exactly how you feel. I work in the oil/gas industry as well. Just not offshore but it might as well be.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Feb 14, 2011


If anything, you can still show all the affection towards each other every other day of the year, but Valentines Day just gives everyone a reason to throw everything else aside and spend that time with your loved one. With the high divorce rates here in America, I think we could really use a few of these days every year. :-)

TheJammer (rep: 1.1k) posted Feb 14, 2011


Not to talk down to anyone else's thoughts on Valentine's Day, but my personal philosophy has been that if it takes a holiday for that special person in your life to feel loved and appreciated, then you've been doing it wrong the rest of the year (very much like what mdgirl has said). That's not to say you shouldn't go nuts on V-Day though ;)

toast (rep: 5.6k) posted Feb 14, 2011


I don't love it or hate it but i think most people make such a big deal about it either way

nimase85 (rep: 16.2k) posted Feb 15, 2011