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Veterans Day - Another Day of Thanks

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My father (died three years ago) was in the army for 20 years and saw a lot of action in Korea.  He was a very brave man and a very patriotic man.  He was lucky, he wasn't killed.  An insane number of people have died to protect our country, liberty, and rights.  And even more have fought and come back to their families though often with awful wounds to their bodies and their minds.  Thank you to all of you have served and God bless you Dad.

erick99 posted Nov 11, 2012

My grandfather served in the Coast Guard during WWII, and I have a large commemorative tattoo of the USCG and his ship name in his honor. I'm proud of what he did, and of all the people that fight for us!

munkin2u (rep: 1.3k) posted Nov 11, 2012


My dad also served in Korea. Passed away 2yrs ago & oh the stories he told about that war.

grandma5 (rep: 57.8k) posted Nov 11, 2012