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Ways to make shoes more comfortable?

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I have a pair of Aldo heels that look amazing but are the most painful shoes to wear and I've noticed that my pinky toes have been through a lot of torture with certain pairs of shoes. I was looking at sets like these ( online. Not sure how much of a difference it would actually make though. Are there any tricks to make shoes more comfortable?
arsiel posted Nov 09, 2011

Cut off the sticks on the heel. Then the shoes won't hurt so much.

jdswirsky (rep: 3.6k) posted Nov 09, 2011


they actually have this thing for shoes that stretches out the shoes.

thats just an example, i'm sure you can find it for much cheaper.

...i'm a guy i'm only assuming it would help=P

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted Nov 09, 2011


Frist buy your shoes at the end of the day when you are tired beyond belife and your feet are swallown to the max.

Go for very comfortable. It does not matter if the shoe is pretty and cheep. If they hurt your feet they are not worth the money spent on them.

You might not wind up with the most"amazing" glamor book pair but your feet and back will thank you in the end.

The rest of my advice is to take the shoes to a consigment shop and get what you can for them and put the money toward better shoes for yourself.

skaro964 (rep: 24.6k) posted Nov 09, 2011