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What are the best printer brands?

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I've had an Epson, a Lexmark, a HP Deskjet, and two HP all-in-ones...
  • The Epson was a piece of garbage and we returned it the same day we bought it in exchange for the Lexmark (this was back in 2001).
  • The Lexmark served us well, but wore out after a while, so we threw it away.
  • The HP Deskjet I got in 1997, and it's still alive and serving my garage computer.
  • The all-in-ones (both of which have been serving my primarily-used computers since 2004) are EXCELLENT (the copier is particuarly useful though I know it's standard in most printers nowadays). The only problem with it, is it cuts of all the documents about 0.5" in from the bottom margin. That's the only thing I would complain about it.
Other than those 4 printers, I haven't used any other kinds of printers. What do you guys think is the BEST brand of printers out there? Which brands to stay away from? And between laser and ink... which do you recommend?
mdsagher posted Jun 10, 2007

Honestly, I think HP has the best. I had a Lexmark, and it was ok, but not great. Then I got a HP a few years ago, and it works great. I have yet to have any issues with it, so I would recommend HP

DrkBluePGT (rep: 23.8k) posted Jun 10, 2007


I agree... it seems HP is the most robust and versatile printers...

mdsagher (rep: 15.1k) posted Jun 10, 2007



civic07 (rep: 26.5k) posted Jun 11, 2007


I agree with Epson being the worst. I had one and all it did was eat my ink and money. I've had two Lexmarks and they've both been pretty good. Ive never tried HP but maybe next time.

bigfreeze11 (rep: 315) posted Jun 11, 2007


I know next to nothing about printers, but I'm going to say: The one with the cheapest ink cartridges :/

crummy (rep: 1.4k) posted Jun 11, 2007


When comparing Laser to Ink, laser printers are for bulk printing or printing lots of paper per minute as opposed to ink where you can only print 4 or less per minute. That is why mainly businesses use them.

Laser printers are highly affordable now and the quality has improved, however they are not as compact as Inkjets. So unless you dislike waiting for something to print, I would go for Laser. If size is a bigger issue and you don't mind waiting 15-30 minutes for a report to print then I would get Inkjet.

There are inkjet photo printers as well...I'm not sure about the image quality when it comes to preserving photos with Laser.

Eve15 (rep: 45.4k) posted Jun 11, 2007


Laser printers certainly ARE getting more affordable... check out this deal and then read my comment... you can get that laser printer for $15.29 AR!

mdsagher (rep: 15.1k) posted Jun 11, 2007


Epson, Lexmark, recommend.

wilsonshi (rep: 1.3k) posted Jun 11, 2007


HP is the best brand. I have HP for a long time. The products are of a good quality and good lifetime. Canon is pretty good too.

Vickz (rep: 8.2k) posted Jun 11, 2007


I have tried and reviewed many of the current brands for printers - all capable of photo prints. HP i have found to be the best. Lexmark, Epson, Canon all follow.

forecollard (new user) posted Oct 04, 2008


Right now I have a small Brother that seems to be working well. However, I must admit that half my decision to buy it was based upon the fact that I was walking home and could easily carry it. Otherwise, I say HP. The HP I had before worked amazingly well for over seven years. That's nearly 90 in printer years.

BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted Oct 04, 2008


I also think that HP's have the best scanners on the multi task printers as well.

BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted Oct 04, 2008


I'm very partial towards Epson and HP. They've never let me down before.

tehk1w1 (rep: 46.5k) posted Oct 05, 2008


HP for me. I was looking into buying an Epson. After seeing all the different types of ink you have to buy, I didn't want the hassle. Plus you can use Nukote ink cartridges with HPs that cost half as much as HP cartridges. Nukote is more suitable for casual printing and not for photo prints.

Eve15 (rep: 45.4k) posted Oct 05, 2008


We had an HP all-in-one for a few years and the only reason it broke was because my son broke it! Other than that, it was awesome. We loved it!

We're trying a lexmark now. Now that we're not in school we don't really have any big projects or anything we need to yeah, the one with the cheapest ink works for me! haha!

oooo..idea for a new thread!

dvinegrace83 (rep: 37.4k) posted Oct 06, 2008


HP, have been using for too long and it still works great.

Maximus696 (rep: 1.7k) posted Oct 06, 2008


I love my HP PSC1200 ALL IN ONE ive had it for ummm maybe 4-5 years.. the ink isnt very expensive.. it works great even with generic ink and its scanner is awesome.

moose (rep: 30.7k) posted Oct 06, 2008


I've been pretty happy with the Brother that I have. I also have some Samsungs, and they're alright, but I wouldn't recommend those, as they're little quirky and requiring a good amount of fiddling. And avoid Konica-Minolta printers, they suck.

I still have an HP 5P from 1995 that still works despite heavy, HEAVY use. It's a back-up now because it isn't very fast, but good lord. THAT's a solid printer right there. I don't like HP low-end printers, but their business-class stuff is as solid as it gets.

footprintx (rep: 882) posted Oct 07, 2008


I agree that HP printers are pretty good. You get what you pay for, especially with printers. I would confidently say that any HP, Lexmark, Epson, or even Brother printers that are $100+ will work just fine. I also believe HP printers are one of the most user friendly. But I primarily only use HP or Lexmark printers.

SMoRZ3 (rep: 983) posted Oct 07, 2008


Try out canon. It's excellent.

abir21 (rep: -18) posted Apr 21, 2009