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What criteria do people use for thumbing up vs. plussing a deal?

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What I'm wondering is whether people think deals that are front-page worthy have more stringent requirements than those that are just worth a plus? Do your standards change when a deal gets near the top of the heating up page?
MrEddie posted May 18, 2011

I WAS in the camp of, I am not plussing your deal because it affects my Money Makers deal position in the heating up page. I now find myself plussing others, even if it means competing with my own deals if the deal is really good. Maybe good Karma will come around :D

akaricke (rep: 160k) posted May 18, 2011


If I think the deal is really good then I plus it. just like akaricke said, I don't view it as who posted or if it competes with mine. If its a good one, then it deserves a plus or thumbs up. now will you all go and plus mine? LOL

wptbound (rep: 5.5k) posted May 18, 2011


Simply stated this site is called if YOU like the deal then plus it and or comment on the item as well. If YOU have knowledge of that item your feedback could be helpful for those who may be thinking about purchasing it or even plussing it.

The "Heating Up Page" is fairly new, not sure how much of a difference it has made on what gets front paged! I still think if you like it plus it or at maybe leave feedback on why you did or did not plus it as your thoughts or experience with the item can be helpful to some.

2007 when I first joined we posted deals and a good number of deals were front paged, no standards or requirements! If a deal is good it is good, give it a plus! What you think is a deal and I think is a deal may differ, but I have confidence that those differences balance out! :)

branie (rep: 54.6k) posted May 18, 2011


I like branie's response. Back in the olden days we were never so afraid or so competitive about plussing deals like people are today. If we liked a deal, BAM, we plussed it. You young whipper snappers are sometimes too into the Money Maker competition and good deals get buried. I posted a deal last month for 12 FREE Maxpro condoms that got a boat load of views(I mean hundreds), but not a single person plussed it. Go figure!

BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted May 18, 2011


Once a deal gets within a click of front-page numbers, I look at it with increased scrutiny. Some of the factors I take into account in deciding whether to thumbs up, thumbs down, or ignore are:
1. Is it a good price and not recently sold for less?
2. Is it available to everyone or nearly everyone?
3. If it's free, does it represent good value relative to the time needed to order it?
4. Has the submitter stated the deal accurately?
5a. Are shipping charges commensurate with the cost or value of goods?
5b. When free* shipping requires more than a nominal purchase, is the actual shipping charge listed on the grid page rather than requiring a click-through?
6. Is the merchant reputable?-may require research if unknown
7. If the item is known to be frequently counterfeited, is the merchant unquestionably trustworthy?
8. Is it gimmicky like many deals from groupon, dealspulp, etc. where the actual discount is in the end often much less than it appears?
These come to mind. I'm sure there's more.

becky457 (rep: 6.4k) posted May 19, 2011