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What did you buy on Black Friday?

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I'm not going out this Black Friday to buy anything since I can't afford any big ticket items but I'd like to know what lucky deals you've gotten!
arsiel (L5) posted Nov 22, 2012

I was bored so came back, didn't buy anything special...

Dexterous (L5) posted Nov 23, 2012


I stayed hme and only got some makup and some hair products

nimase85 (L5) posted Nov 23, 2012


We literally had a cold front roll in last night--went from eerily warm weather warmer than normal for MN to an inch of snow. So I skipped the lines.

I did go to CVS for their two Black Friday week sales earlier this week and Walgreens at midnight on Thursday (got some killer deals at Wags!).

dealwagger (L5) posted Nov 23, 2012


Went out and people watched last night at Walmart. Saw a few punches thrown, some elbows and such to get some video games that you can buy online for the same prices anyway. One guy was all like YES! I got 2 Harry Potter Lego games. All excited until I told him that its been selling online for less than $10 as of recent. And how he looked like a foll tearing into that carton like he was a tick on deer. So as usual all these people battled over these games. I walked around the store to pick up all the scraps they leave behind because they just grab em by the handfuls and then toss the ones they dont want wherever. So I found both games I wanted without all the hassle.

Going out with the wife as soon as she gets ready to go which will probably be 3 hours from now. ;)

Acidbaby (L5) posted Nov 23, 2012


I got corex wet wipe from Officemax.

barang_square (L3) posted Nov 23, 2012


More like what didn't I buy? lol my fingers hurt from shopping.

akaricke (L5) posted Nov 23, 2012


A new USB drive for my keyring, and the Swiftkey 3 app. Both were on online. I don't feel like battling the lines this year.

maven3 (L5) posted Nov 23, 2012


My husabnd works for dell so he gets a pretty good employee discount so all the electronics for us are cheaper to buy from dell.com than any of the black friday deals so we will just do online shopping today. Hope everyone had a awesome thanksgiving dinner. I am so exhausted and glad that i have 2 more days to relax before getting back to work.

Florida2Texas (L5) posted Nov 23, 2012


All online: 24" 3D Playstation TV, Extra set of 3D glasses, Hugo 3D, Sansa Clip mp3 player!

cid681 (L1) posted Nov 23, 2012


Did not need anything this Black Friday. We are doing mostly gift cards amd toys for 2 young nephews. I got off easy this year. Was going to do my outdoor Christmas decor but it was too cold.

lilywow (L5) posted Nov 23, 2012


just came back from old navy outlet bought some clothes for the kids they had jeans for $4.99 also went to the gap and Walmart but didn't go crazy shopping

rd995 (L5) posted Nov 23, 2012


bought a nice home theater system, a 5.1 surround sound, Yamaha 7.1 HD 3D receiver, and a Polk base amp. Also got a nice Movado watch on sale. Spent way too much this BF...although total savings add to almost $1k

kffight3r (L3) posted Nov 23, 2012


went to target when they opened but the lines to check out were about 2 hours long... and nothing i wanted to buy was so good of deal i would actually wait in line to CHECK OUT for two hours. so i ended up buying a TV online... wondering if I should have waited for cyber monday but I dont know where to look to find a "preview" of cyber monday ads... anyone? does blackfriday.fm have a sister site... cybermonday? lol... all the good things tend to sell out within minutes on cyber monday but you have to know where to look -- which i dont.

snypin04 (L4) posted Nov 23, 2012


This is the first year in about 10 years that my wife and I didn't got out black friday shopping, we didn't see anything that was all that great of a deal.

krmills1 (L5) posted Nov 24, 2012


I don't buy anything special. But I only hang out with my friends.

YellowYY (L0) posted Nov 26, 2012