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What do I have to do to get ahold of a Moderator?

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***RESOLVED*** Thanks, Acarone!

I take it that moderators must be very busy. I appreciate that and I am trying to figure out what to do to get ahold of a moderator. Some users posted about receiving payment around the 15th, and I wanted someone to let me know what the status of my payment is or if there is a delay in the first payment, etc.  

I sent an email out on the 15th via the Contact Us form under help at the bottom of the page. Upon submitting it said that I would receive a response "within 72 hours." I am still waiting on that response and submitted another email.  I am starting to get worried and I have lost steam on posting deals :(

Am I going about this wrong? Is there a special Money Makers contact form I should have used instead? Anyone else have experience contacting the mods? Thanks for any input, it is much appreciated!

*I did make sure the email set up for payments is the same one as the one I have set up for PayPal.
dealwagger posted Mar 20, 2012

I think I read a post (in this section) that the amounts were off for some peole this month. It sounded like they were working on correcting the problem. I'm guessing they will contact you or get you your money when they resolved the problem. Don't loose interest or loose your steam. They are good for it!

Also, there are some minimum requirements. I think it's now $25 that you have to earn before money is sent. And it is calculated from the previous month. Did you earn that much for the month of Feb?

MHT962 (rep: 3.3k) posted Mar 20, 2012


@MHT962, thank you for your response. Yeah, I had like $50 at the time people were receiving payment. I am glad to hear that they keep with payments. Hopefully I can get a response, though. I would rather know it will take a month or however long than not know at all, you know?

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Mar 20, 2012


I believe we responded to your first email yesterday. You met the $50 minimum during the current month (March), so you'll be paid in the next round of payments (March payments). Which are made towards the end of April.

Acarone (DealsPlus mod) posted Mar 20, 2012


$50?! Woah baby! You can get a whole pair of sneakers with that! Keep up the good work!

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted Mar 20, 2012


I know one other month there was a glitch with the MM not being calculated right and they added the missed money on to the next months pay and paid everyone really early in the month.

krmills1 (rep: 14.3k) posted Mar 20, 2012


Acarone, I never got the email. It's my school email, though, which tends to be glitchy here and there. Time to start thinking of transfering all my accounts to my gmail :) Thanks for replying! I see, I guess I am still getting a hang of when we are paid for what month so your response is really helpful!

lol, gangstabarbie. I spend too much time shopping online ;)

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Mar 20, 2012


Just message them. I've gotten an answer every time I have done that. You could also offer them chocolate :)

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Mar 20, 2012



chocolate helps, yes

Acarone (DealsPlus mod) posted Mar 21, 2012