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What do you do when you receive poor customer service?

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No matter where it has occurred, bad customer service is the worst. I always try to be fair and understanding as retail is tough to work in, but sometimes I can't help but to get online and complain or ask for the store manager to express my feelings towards my experience. I always feel I am being over critical by complaining, but unless we complain things won't change and we will continue to get poor service. Anyone else feel this way? I just had a bad experience with Kohl's.com as my online order was shipped to the wrong address. Customer service representative was so rude, his speech was mumbled and he pretty much blamed me for the error. I am still waiting on a resolution and my items to arrive to my correct address!! Any thoughts??
branie (L5) posted Dec 07, 2010

I would try complaining via email. I feel as if that gets the job done more often than not. My daughter recently had an issue with her bank and called to try and sort it all out--the man was very rude to her and did not help her. She, too, was blamed for their error. She wrote to them on her account explaining what had happened and how she was treated and got everything sorted out almost instantly. I would explain that I understand things are insane for them for the holiday season, but that it is their job to make sure I get what I paid for. I hope you get your items soon! Good luck!

cme1964 (L1) posted Dec 08, 2010


Additionally, if an email doesn't work, don't hesitate to send a complaint letter by snail mail. These often get more attention than an email.

Kohl's Department Stores
N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

Just remember to be courteous. Explain what happened using specific facts without letting your emotions get in the way. Explain how the rep was rude, how he was hard to understand, and that the situation was never resolved. But do it as politely as you can.

Here is a good sample complaint letter: http://www.clarkhoward.com/news/consumer-issues-id-theft/sample-complaint-letter/nFZ9/

Hope that helps. Good Luck!

jasoned (L5) posted Dec 10, 2010


I have used www.planetfeedback.com with some degree of success in resolving issues to a satisfactory point.

I have also decided not to do business with certain companies failing to show any desire to satisfy customers after performing poorly. Worst Buy is at the bottom of my list. Zatarains is another. Saturn and now GM.

There are other companies out there who appreciate customers and a free market will reward them over the companies providing poor service.

danjag (L2) posted Dec 10, 2010