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What features are important when buying a new digital camera?

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I would like to buy a new one. What features should I look for to be sure that it will make a good picture? The more pixels, the better? Or is it the optical/digital zoom that matters?
jowk posted Nov 01, 2010

It really depends on what you need it for and what your budget is. For me, I would definitely look at features like the different types of modes the camera has (Portrait, landscape, night, sports), zoom and ISO.

As for MP, in my opinion, when it gets up to 10+ or 12+ mp they all look the same. After a certain amount of mp it just because a whole marketing/advertising strategy. A lot of people who are new to cameras think the higher the mp the better the camera is but that is not the case most of the time.

TOTOOO (rep: 50.8k) posted Nov 02, 2010


If you are looking to enter the world of DSLR.
here is the guide you can refer to

Mavin1983 (rep: 153) posted Nov 02, 2010


to be honest, it's really just up to the consumer. i mean, what are you looking for out of your camera. if you want simple and user-friendliness, then go with a point and shoot. if you want fancy stuff with cool effects, go with DSLR.

for point and shoot i recommend canon. for DSLR i recommend nikon.

in general, cameras nowadays have it all..and usually more than what you need. the standard MP on cams nowadays will suffice unless you really want to blow up your pictures to poster size or something.

when i purchase a camera, i look at a few things: MP, optical zoom, digital zoom, size, weight, battery type, media type, brand.

some brands will usually have better zooms than others. some cams have touch screens. some don't have a view finder.

play around with the cameras. a site that i use for comparison is ..check it out =).hope this helped.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Nov 05, 2010