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What is your worst customer service experience?

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We all deal with customer service at some point.  What's your worst experience?  Did it cause you to leave or stop using the merchant?
DealLeader posted Dec 05, 2012

I have a lot of horror stores, it seems this year I spent a lot of time on the phone with Toys R Us (not shopping anymore there), Sears (the same) and TMobile(not a customer). I guess the worst was T-Moblie because the others did an attempt to fix the problem and in the end, solved the situation.I have been a TMobile customer for over 6 years so no contract, I called to ask about lowering my plan.I was playing extra $20 each month for 30% of what everyone was getting.They wanted me in a 2 year agreement and in the end,the actual savings with taxes and fees were netting about -$5 so i let it go and then I complained about the dropped calls all the time where i live ,where i work and they just pretty much said whatever. I asked for his name to complain about his behavior and he said for secyrity reasons they dont give that info which we know it's BS. Finally talked to a supervisor after waiting for 1 hour and she didnt apologize. It's one thing to put up with high fees and lousy service but also being disrespect. So next time I called to cancel my lines, they bounced me around for 3 hours from retention to representatives ,they didnt want me to cancel and kept asking what they could do to make me happy.I said I just wanted to leave but they kept bouncing me around to X people and then the next person wouldnt know why i was transferred there. Finally got a hold of a supervisor which after a long speech "allowed" me to cancel my no contract lines saying that i would just have one more payment and that was it. Checking my 2nd line 2 days after the 'cancellation' I found it still had service, called again and now 2 more hours to cancel something that was supposed to be cancelled already. Their game was for me not to notice until it was too late as that was also the last day of my cycle. Anyways, after a very upsetting chat i got the last cancellation. Then the monthly (final) bill comes and I paid it at the store (having to drive about 25 miles) and then they told me I wouldnt get any more bills. One month later they sent me a bill for the 2 days they 'forgot' to cancel the second line. Another 2 hours on the phone to get that credit taken care of and asked for a ZERO balance. It never came so I called back and they said they will send me one, they sent me another bill now past due. I called again to get a ZERO statement and they said I got a Zero Statement but it was already sent out. Two hours on the phone to get a supervisor and then as the supervisor gets on the line, they hung up on me. This is why I never go back to TMobile. I have wasted too many hours in this company. Everything was always hunky dory when I didnt complain or try to leave but then when I wanted to leave without having a contract, it all became a huge nightmare :(

dwayneodger (rep: 26) posted Dec 05, 2012


I once went to a restaurant, first I couldn't figure out where to go to, for someone to take my order. Then, I waited by the cashier, for like 20 minutes to take my order, others came and got their orders, but I was totally ignored. Never got to even give my order.
I walked out- and never came back... and I refuse to eat there.

MdavidK30 (rep: 3.7k) posted Dec 05, 2012