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What makes a deal move to the front page?

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I posted a really hot deal on Ralph Lauren perfume that is good for today. Shopping the web it looks like it is 50% lower than anywhere else.....
HotNana posted Feb 01, 2011

It's all about how many people "plus" your item. A lot of times people match up with others to exchange plusses so their deals move to the front page. There are a lot of good deals that never make the front page due to lack of plusses. I'll go check your deal out and plus it for you.

Beautifulminds (rep: 2.5k) posted Feb 01, 2011


yes, unfortunatly many of us feel the same way about some of our deals. THey just dont make it because of the competition. I've noticed some not so great deals make it over some great deals, and I'm not even talking about my own deals. But because those front deals get so much traffic and pluses, they end up front paged. its not a perfect system for sure.

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted Feb 01, 2011


Thanks for the responses. following you both.

HotNana (rep: 2.6k) posted Feb 01, 2011


I've started manually changing my main category View to the 'fresh' page instead of the hot page when I check out the deals. The 'hot' page hasn't been updating new deals very much anymore. It tends to sit with the same ones all day because that's what people see first. Vicious cycle that needs a bit of a makeover.

Brentheriot (rep: 64.9k) posted Feb 01, 2011


I have asked over and over to be able to SEE WHO PLUSSES A DEAL. That way we can find if people are bumping up those "so so" deals to the front page.
I sent several instances of people on here that had a string of people that were only following them and only plussing their deals.

akaricke (rep: 161k) posted Feb 02, 2011