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What specifications are important when looking to buy a new digital camera?

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In looking for a new digital camera, what kind of things should one look for before purchasing? Is the mega pixels important? Do those specifications matter when you are using the camera primarily for snapshot photography?
ajmarcus posted Dec 07, 2010
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Megapixel is important but it's NOT the main selling point. If you have a crappy lens & a 12 MP, it's Not even as good as a 8 MP with a much nicer lens. If you're just looking to take solid photos - then you really cant go wrong with most major brands. Personally, I think the panasonic lumix ones with the Leica lens (swiss made lens) are great - you'll get great photos at a nice price. THe Sony ones are nice with the Zeiss (german?) lens ... and of course, you cant go wrong with canon or nikon. (they sell their own lens). Nowadays, most of these major brands all are about the same so as long as the size feels good in yor hands plus the cost - you're pretty safe. Good luck! There are of course lots of features but since you just want to take nice photos, the lens, a nice MP will do everything you're looking for.

jbelkin (rep: 3) posted Dec 08, 2010