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What would you do if you won the lottery???

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Travel, Start a business, etc???
BigDeals123us posted Jul 24, 2013

I would buy a house for my parents and I'd travel.

funnyJ (rep: 13) posted Jul 25, 2013


go shopping?lol

Annie123123 (rep: 3) posted Jul 26, 2013


I would invest... or in another words spend it all! haha

aluiza91 (rep: 13) posted Jul 26, 2013


Depends how much I won...If it was a lot ($50M+) I'd retire. LOL

BigSavings123 (rep: 4) posted Jul 26, 2013


I would start my own! LOL

BigDeals123us (rep: 1.3k) posted Jul 26, 2013


If I won a $5 lottery I wouldn't spend any of it. I basically gambled money to win $5 lol I'm just putting that away and adding more money to that pile for later times. If I won millions or billions I would pay off any college loans and help pay off my mother's loan. I would also look for that one girl from my highschool days and marry her right off the bat. I won't marry her because I'm rich, but only because she's one of those rare ones who make a man want to decorate her. I won't spend all of my money on her, but marrying her would be one of things I would do...if I hit the jackpot. Also invest in my production company that I've been planning since high school. There are so many things I would do, but I must say I would use my finance to help endorse the right politicians who actually care about doing things for the sake of the American people. I would endorse them and help them run for office in many branches. I would also do something about the academic curriculum throughout the whole nation. In my eyes, we are divided by social class, academic class, and by health care to say the very least. It's disgusting how we divide our children in class. We need teachers who are able to teach at many different paces. Some students with low grades need to be in more advanced classes mainly because they feel that pressure helps them. Some students in advanced classes don't belong there, but the parents make them take those classes. At the same time, I believe in teaching every child at the same pace starting from the basics. I also believe in teaching children who are great at the courses to help their classmates. Learning from their peers. It will bring so many children up to speed and no child is competing. It's sick how competitive schools are. Some of my money would go to that. I would also use money to start a program that teaches people how to eat based off their blood type so that they are healthier and less sick. Health care is failing us. We need all doctors to practice natural remedy. These are just the very few things I would do if I won a million dollar or billion-dollar lottery. If I won $5 or $20 then I have failed America. Haha

lonewolfmoon (rep: 436) posted Jul 27, 2013


I would travel for a whole year!!!!

lilywow (rep: 8.7k) posted Jul 31, 2013


travel of course!

directioner008 (rep: 6) posted Aug 05, 2013


Buy A

jerrywong986 (rep: 4) posted Aug 05, 2013


buy a dream house, pay off my student loans and shop shop shop!!

LisaNtom08 (rep: 1.6k) posted Aug 06, 2013


help the poor

mywords (rep: 177) posted Aug 06, 2013


Go to the Sarah Winchester house in California. Then buy a house back home. Put some in savings with interest. Then when I am a little older adopt a child.

fsleeper (rep: 488) posted Aug 07, 2013