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what's going on

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The forum option does not appear and I am 1 level again?
ridavid2018 (L1) posted Jun 07, 2021

Per admin note, you were spamming with low-quality Walmart deals. So the lead admin changed the user level.

Notbad (L5) posted Jun 07, 2021


well they haven't notified me of any of that...
If they are going to lower my level without me knowing what is happening ... well thank you but I will not continue on this site under those terms

ridavid2018 (L1) posted Jun 07, 2021


I believe you knew what DP expected from CU and at the same time, the lead admins promote you without notification. What benefits do you see by DP publishing a bunch of low-quality offers (offers with no wow factor)? This is exactly why we've stopped accepting new & suspended a lot of existing MMs

Notbad (L5) posted Jun 08, 2021


@ridavid2018 It is unfair what they do to you, without warning you at least., have seen that you are one of the MM who places great things! It may be that 1 day you wanted to place many things from walmart!

With a good fluid communication admins would not have lowered your level, it was not difficult for them to give you an alert and ask you what was wrong. They preferred to lose a good MM, you have to be favorites of the administrators to be untouchable! See everything that has happened and so many changes, know that everything is induced or has something that those MM parasites, egotists and worms that protect here!

contact me to indicate the competitor page where the environment is better and pay more than here!

Hunter_Lemon (L0) posted Jun 14, 2021


Thank you for your comment, I respect the opinion of each person and I already have knowledge of many websites .... if I observed something good in the changes that are coming, where I can contribute without limitations and also favor me not only to dp I will consider collaborating With enthusiasm, for now I still think that it has been mishandled by making such an arbitrary decision at the end of the month thousands of people entered my publications, but since they all try to take their business to maximum profits less investment, right now I am more focused on others things hopefully improvements for all

ridavid2018 (L1) posted Jun 14, 2021