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what's your credit card bill like?

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I am horrible about saving money and I always overspend. This past month I controlled myself and was able to keep my credit card bill under $1k, which is less than half of a normal month. 

What's your bill like? What do you spend your money on?
kffight3r posted Mar 29, 2013

I don't have credit cards, they are EVIL!!!!!! :)

krmills1 (rep: 14.3k) posted Mar 29, 2013


I put everything I buy on my credit card...Then I pay it off every month and get $30-40 back in rewards each month. Using credit cards is smart if you do it right. Get a card with good rewards and pay it off every month. Set your own limit (like $1000) and leave the rest for emergencies.

devenson0613 (rep: 11) posted Mar 29, 2013


I dont have one. No need for it when I can just use my debit card to pay for whatever I need and not owe anyone money.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Mar 29, 2013


What are the best rewards credit card that you guys have experienced?

Dexterous (rep: 102k) posted Mar 29, 2013


I have the best credit card bill - none at all. After a bankruptcy about 11 years ago I have learned to live on what I make and I simply don't have the cards any more. It is inconvenient at times but I have generally been able to make my debit card do what I need.

erick99 (rep: 430k) posted Mar 29, 2013


wow.. you guys are impressive. I have 4 credit cards right now only because I just cancelled my corporate one for switching jobs. I get at least $50, sometimes close to $75, $100 in rewards every month.

@praveensapkota, I use Chase Freedom most of the time for anything that falls under the 5%. Then I use my AMEX for everything else bc of free concierge service.

kffight3r (rep: 767) posted Mar 29, 2013


I have 1 credit card in my name and have never used it... LOL

rockinnrolla (rep: 180k) posted Mar 29, 2013


I have 4 credit cards and charge everything, but I always pay my bills in full. Using a credit card is a great way to get cash back or miles on things you plan on buying anyways. But you do need to be financially responsible.

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted Mar 29, 2013


I lose track using credit cards. I have my debt down quite a bit and am hoping to eliminate them altogether by next year. I've been debt free and I've been in bad debt. I'd rather live on cash again.

lauchremi (rep: 9.5k) posted Mar 29, 2013


I charge virtually everything on 4 rewards cards, and auto-pay them in full every month so that I never pay a cent in interest or fees. Chase Freedom, Discover More, Chase Amazon Visa, and American Express TrueEarnings (Costco) are my favorite cards in that order. They all have no annual fees, though the last requires a Costo membership. I use whichever card gives the biggest reward for any particular transaction. My monthly credit card bills typically total $900 - $1300 per month, but can be quite a bit more at times like when I pay 6 months of insurance on 2 cars at once, or if I need vehicle repairs. It all goes on the cards except for rent & most utilities. The landlord doesn't take credit cards, and the utilities charge a surcharge for credit because they use a third-party payment processor.

fluffy (rep: 2.2k) posted Mar 29, 2013


the best credit cards are the ones that give you so many yrs interest free!!

LisaNtom08 (rep: 1.6k) posted Mar 29, 2013


citi card and chase freedom both offer this

LisaNtom08 (rep: 1.6k) posted Mar 29, 2013


I like to keep mine under $200 every month. I only charge gas with Chase free (Jan-Mar) and (Sept- Nov)for gas because of the 5% bonus rewards.
Otherwise I am phasing out using credit cards and just using my bank card. We shouldn't be charging more that what we are able to pay every month.

lilywow (rep: 8.7k) posted Mar 30, 2013


i have 3 credit cards and only use them for booking my flights. i pay in full within a month so i don't get charge with interests or fees. I have been using it for 5 years now and I'm totally debt free. it just takes discipline and self-control.

khrysmeej (rep: 1) posted Jul 16, 2014