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Where can I find more great deals & coupons and post it on dealsplus?

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Hi everyone, I am level 1 user currently and I really like the site. I want to post best deals so dealsplus users can benefit from it. I see some top level user on DP posting many great deals everyday and help others save a lot! So where can I find the best deals and post it on the site? Any tips? Thanks so much
willluo (L0) posted May 03, 2018

Hi willluo :)

A great place to start would be to look through the daily deals at top stores (such as Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Target, etc). You can also look through many of the sales posted on DP and find great product deals within those sales to post.

I would also recommend subscribing to many stores with your email address to receive daily emails of the best promotions and discounts offered per day!

Hope that all helps :)

DealsorNoDeals (L5) posted May 04, 2018


Thanks for your response

willluo (L0) posted May 04, 2018