Q: Which is the better deal?

I've been here a long while and have yet to figure out what's what on this subject. Is it better for a deal to "look" good rather than be "better?" example: 1. awesome item, coupon takes 50% off BUT shipping adds it back plus a $1 more. Looks good with really low price, yes? 2. same awesome item BUT coupon ships it free - lower TOTAL price.
omegafemale posted Apr 15, 2011
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Its not about "looking" better its about the final price you pay. I'd rather pay for a product that is $10 shipped as opposed to $8.95 + $2.95 shipping or something.

That also reminds me, I think the people here should put the shipping cost instead of FREE* with the asterisk (which most likely means free shipping over a certain amount) especially when the product that they are posting does not qualify for free shipping.
PLUSME (rep: 1.6k) posted Apr 15, 2011
What's the old saying? It's six to one, a half dozen to a Rabbi? I look at the overall value. I don't give a monk's heinie how a site may breakdown the numbers, to me it's the total price.
BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted Apr 15, 2011
I guess this depends on what perspective you are taking. If you are looking for deals, then you obviously want the lower final price. However, I believe you are asking this question in regards to posting the deal/coupon. In this case I would say the better it looks the more attention it will get, whether or not its the best final price.
rw11687 (rep: 324) posted Apr 15, 2011
I'd have to agree w/ BigJJ...It's the total cost for me and I might add I also consider if they charge sales tax. That can be a huge savings depending on the item your purchasing.I know it might be about looking good for us but isn't it really about the deal we can offer to the public? I love this site for the wide varity of savings they offer.Thanks everybody for saving me money!
grandma5 (rep: 56.8k) posted Apr 15, 2011
Total cost for me.
akaricke (rep: 160k) posted Apr 16, 2011
I seldom like to pay for shipping!! So a low TOTAL is the best deal for me!!
SuperSaverGurl (rep: 5.53k) posted Apr 16, 2011
A good deal, to me, is the total cost. If one deal is for store pick up rather than free shipping, then I would also add in cost of driving to store for pick up.

Funny thing this weekend went to get a new Wii @ TRU since Online they had for $169.99 but in store $199.99. had to order while standing at Cust Service on line (with my phone) since they couldn't honor the online price. And then I see Amazon is now cheaper with $50 Credit. Ohh well don't want the credit.
OrionStar (rep: 23.7k) posted Apr 16, 2011
Hmm, guess we're the only ones who think this way. (pout)
omegafemale (rep: 212k) posted Apr 18, 2011