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Which one is better?

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Nokia X3-02 or Nokia X5?
pettags4less posted Jan 05, 2011

The X5 has more memory, better processing, more detailed software options.

karthwyne (rep: 1.3k) posted Jan 06, 2011


I prefer using Nokia X3-02, because it's super slim. With WiFi, HSUPA, and 5MP camera, VGA Video recording. But, if you want a symbian smart phone, you should buy Nokia X5.

misterblack50 (rep: 2) posted Jan 06, 2011


The X5-00 or X5-01? All three are great and it really depends on what you personally like.

Physically, the X5-01 is smaller but the X3-02 is slimmer. The X3-02 is also touch screen which is important depending whether or not you like those!

As misterblack50 brought up, the X5s run symbian while the X3 operates Nokia. X5-00 i believe is the only one with a GPS features, but i'm not 100% positive on that one!

The X5s also have a flash video capability whereas X3 doesnt.

All three have a 4x zoom camera, full focus and self timer. X3 has a still image editor which the other X5s dont have. But the X5-00 also has red-eye reduction whereas the X5-01 has flash! There aren't huge differences here but if one of these are important for you then you got it!

The maximum storage is 50MB, 80MB, and 200MB on the X3, X5-00, and X5-01 respectively. The X5-00 can only hold up to 8GB memory card, while both the X3 and X5-01 can hold a 32GB memory card.

OOH also if you need like word, excel, powerpoint, etc..only the X5s support those!

Lastly, the battery life of the X5-01 is muchhh longer than the other two!

I hope this helps a little...i know it was a kinda scattered =p

Good luck choosing!

Christine (rep: 29.2k) posted Jan 07, 2011