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which pillow pet is top one?

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i like to buy pillow pets for my daughters .. one is 9 years old other one is 4 years old. give me an idea about this
janaki posted Dec 13, 2010

There are different prices for these pillow pets. Make it sure you look dimension (if you buy online).
$17.00 (or about this price) usually big size and these pillows good for your 9 years old girl.
$6.99 (or about this price) usually smaller size and good for your 4 yo girl.

NB: The price really make big different size

newguy (rep: 295k) posted Dec 13, 2010


my 2 and 4 year old are getting the big size ones- they've been dying for one. 4 year old son wants the dog and 2 year old daughter wants the unicorn. I think the ladybug is adorable- it's my favorite!

trudibeth77 (rep: 6) posted Dec 13, 2010


My eight year old wants the monkey one.

Mtlgrl4evr (rep: 18) posted Dec 13, 2010


I have seen many different brands of pillow pets and was also wondering if they were all the same or not. I run a daycare and one of the children brought one here one day and it folded into itself and zipped on the bottom and seemed really cool but I dont know if this is the same thing.

babyh1999 (rep: 2) posted Dec 13, 2010


That I know for the price around $6.99 doesn't come with the zip.

newguy (rep: 295k) posted Dec 13, 2010


There are real pillow pets and then there are cheaper pet pillows. Those look nice online but the reveiws I have read are not all that great. I'd go with an original pillow pet. Here's the site:

You can check out the real pillow pets there. The 18inch usually retails for $24.99 and the 11 inch retails for $15.99. Although you can usually find them on sale or in stores for less (usually the big ones are around $20). Walgreens carries them and Kohls used to have some online. I even saw them at my local grocery store.

There are usually only a few styles (like 4) availible at any given time though so don't let your children pick their favorite (like I did) from the dozens online...because many are hard to find and will be marked up on Amazon/ebay, etc...

By the way, if any happens on the Fiery Dalmation for a good price ($25 or less) please let me know. Thanks.

For two little girls, I'd probably get the lady bug and the bubble bee.

MHT962 (rep: 3.3k) posted Dec 13, 2010


I bought 3 for my girlfriend. A dog, a cat, and a penguin. They're the big ones for $20 each.

OmegaNemesis28 (new user) posted Dec 13, 2010


my 3 yr old wants the ladybug, whenever the commercial comes on she cheers and tells us she wants it.

heytay (new user) posted Dec 13, 2010


I forgot to add my 5 year old wants the Unicorn one, it's very cute :)

Mtlgrl4evr (rep: 18) posted Dec 14, 2010


hey guys.... im new here but im looking for a specific pillow pet. Now i know there are different brands of them and each make different animals and ave different looks....

im looking for the brand that makes a sheep or a lamb. forget which one it is. looking for it for my gf.

now i looked at the pillow pets website and the one im looking for isnt on there...

can u guys name a few different brands???

please, its for christmas


confused (new user) posted Dec 30, 2010