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Whitney Houston died from a broken heart

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I am so sad to hear the passing of Whitney Houston. I know tabloids and the media will publish speculations on her dying from drug-overdose or accidental overdose or whatever reasons they can think of to make money. I personally believe she died from a broken-heart. She has gone through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Her heart was placed in the wrong hands, the hands of greedy entertainment businesses, the hands of an abusive drug addict of a husband, and mainly in the hands of people who did not have the best interest in her but for the amount of money that can be generated from her talent.

People have to keep in mind that even though she was 48, she was not whole. She didn't feel loved, she COULDN'T feel loved. She didn't have the right crowd to bring her to see the light, therefore she succumbed to the only one thing that could make her forget for even a second that she was dead inside: Drugs.

Drugs may be the physical factor that took her life, but it was the lack of love that destroyed her.

I hope we will continue to remember her for the good times, and not the bobby brown times.
r.i.p. =(
gangstabarbie posted Feb 12, 2012

gangstabarbie - Amen! Your words could not have said it any better - she had a beautiful voice and was a beloved entertainer - and THAT is what we should all remember her for! ♥

FibroMom (rep: 249k) posted Feb 12, 2012


I agree with your words ~ and hopefully the Love of God is with her and she is at peace. What a sad loss for us all.

Janniesue51 (rep: 373) posted Feb 12, 2012


Yes, we will continue to remember her for the good times.

Sophialove (rep: 59) posted Feb 12, 2012


Wonderful woman but she did make a lot of bad choices.

helloamy1977 (rep: 2.6k) posted Feb 12, 2012


really sad, remember her forever

bluelans (new user) posted Feb 12, 2012