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Who's deal is the duplicate?

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I am never sure if someone has put a dupe of my deal or if I am the dupers, than people complain and get mad at me, so I thought I would ask on this one.  Whos deal is the duplicate?

Also, if mine is not the duplicate, should I just go a head and mark the other as a duplicate?  It seems to me that this could cause some angst.

There should be a easier way to identify who's deal was first.

when i submitted a update to my mulch deal saying that the deal is back, I didn't get a deal update for it in my MM.  Does it not show up as a new deal update in your MM if your the original submitter?
solowkoe posted May 24, 2012

I guess the first part of my question is irrelevant. Neither should be marked as a duplicate, because they each go to a different page, with the same sorta deal. But I still wonder about the second part of the quest. How come I didn't get a deal update for it. Was it because I am the original submitter?

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted May 24, 2012


i think the other one was first then it was updated if you using a pc put your mouse cursor on top of the picture of the deal and it gives you a number i think the lower number was the first one posted i might be wrong

rd995 (rep: 151k) posted May 24, 2012


Well that happens to me a LOT and only with MrBklynW deals Haha.. I asked for his help and this is what he said:

"When i compare two post i look at two things.

1. The time of posting

2. The Post ID (you can do this by placing your mouse over the post picture, the post id will show on the bottom of your browser)"

Wise words from MrBklynW hope that helps =)

heyimdennise (rep: 7.9k) posted May 24, 2012


I go with the earlier posting. The deal is for the item and price. I don't believe that finding the same item at the same price at a different store constitutes a unique sale. Fair is fair.

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted May 24, 2012


to clear this up, neither is a you can see if you go through both links, neither has each others items.

solowkoe, you posted for specifically for "2 cu ft Brown Shredded Hardwood Mulch"

while the updated post by ragingwookie is trying to do a round up of different colors of mulch on sale, which the link lead to only "Red Mulch" and "Black" mulch, no brown=)

so neither is a duplicate, only problem is that both post used the same picture.=D

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted May 24, 2012


Sometimes it gets down to splitting hairs, lol!

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted May 25, 2012


MrBklynW re-iterated what I said in the very first posting. But I still haven't got a deal update in my MM for the deal I posted.

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted May 25, 2012


it seems to be updated now...well i didn't mean to re-iterated. i thought i was being pretty clear that neither is a duplicate of each other=D

also it won't display "Deal update" or be display as your recent post on your MM, since you have full credit for the deal. it'll only display "deal update" if someone updates it and your sharing credit. if you go back to your original post in your MM, you'll still see your getting credit for the deal.

Take Care solowkoe =)

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted May 25, 2012


People will always complain if you're the duper or the dupee. It's just a website at the end of the day.

opitica (rep: 2) posted May 28, 2012



solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted Jun 13, 2012