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Why Valid Deal was buried

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Dear Admin,
Can you please look at this deal posted by
stewartcherek https://www.dealsplus.com/health-beauty_deals/p_annual-candle-day-event-2020-bath-body-works , this was a news deal until 12/01/2020 and had no valid start date , expiration for last 29 days.

See the proof screenshot what was there in stewart deal https://www.dealsplus.com/ai/0x0/dealimage/20000/8660000/8660140_1606962533.jpg

Now I see it has been changed to "Sale" and valid detail have been added. Later my deal had been flagged and buried.

please have a look at my deal below it was posted with valid start date, price and expiration date https://www.dealsplus.com/health-beauty_deals/p_bath-body-works-annual-candle-day-12-04-12-06 , I understand by look at the deal id my deal may look like duplicate. But it is not if you look at the valid details.

Can anyone simply post a deal with general info left by the store and later can change , the one who actually post the deal after enough of information is available lost the right and simply his or her deal buried.

this is like we post a "Black Friday Sale" with info like come back on Black Friday ,27 th to shop for the deals. It is not right the actual sale dates are important right. This has been happening many times , I personally affected by stewartcherk few times, he would simply post with non related title and info , then later modify her deal info, after come and flag the deal posted with valid info. Admin think that stewartcherk deal is original and bury my deal.

the truth his the deal posted without valid info and later modified. I see this is not fair. Please unbury my deal with valid details please. My request is if a deal is posted with no valid details it must be check with flagged deal before burying.

Kind Regards,
shalini31 (L2) posted Dec 02, 2020


It looks like the lead admin took care of this issue by asking you to update an existing deal & approve you for the payment.

The pre-posting rule/issue is something I will go over with select MMs soon.

Notbad (L5) posted Dec 03, 2020


Hello @Notbad thank you. I can see that Stewart left date detail in comment section however there is no valid code added to description or in comment section. What Stewart left in comment was use code like candledays. Code like meaning and use code have different meaning. I believe leaving Detail only in comment section should be considered valid we have the place in description and also expiration field. Even a level 1 user knows this basic rules it is sad level 3 user does not focus on this rule.

Honestly this has happened to me few times recently. I posted december saving week samsclub ad, another user https://www.dealsplus.com/user/DivaToya had posted as Sale deal before the ad released , after she found the original Sale deal was posted by kimmeb back in october she Expired her Sale deal. Then after i posted ad deal sneak peek , she made her deal live again and changed her DEAL image. My deal was simply buried.

These are those Deals




shalini31 (L2) posted Dec 03, 2020


You should share what your name is because I don't know what to call you if prince16pream or shalini31 :S ? Please do not be so obvious, whoever is not blind and has neurons can realize that you are the same person, the hatred against stewardcherek is so noticeable because she is better than you that is why she is number 1 and earns more money than you although have a thousand accounts!

Here in this post you still attack steward

I quote your written words from your main account:
"I know everyone faces problem because of few MM, who post with completely different title, they just want to post the deal, then later come to match up the title if someone post the deal and it is promoted. The problem here is when we search that deal we can not find it, because those titles are completely different. After we post that MM come to edit the title, place expiration if any, then come to flag others deal. I do not know even she bring some very old deal she posted as duplicate, those are opened only because she did not place expiration :), that's a big joke. Yes, I'm talking about stewardcherek, when we can place an offer that is completely different title and change later, the dealid advantage comes but admin's closer attention needed for these kind of smart edits. The offer can not be the same but why these people can not post with correct title, this can save other MM time and DP resources. "

princess32cre (L1) posted Dec 06, 2020


@princess32cre simply you do not call our names :), so no confusion. Please request admin to check are prince16pream and other account shalini31 same. You are simply active on forum do not post deals regularly. But talk like you know everything , even I still learn new rules.

Are you the representative of stewart ?? I do not fear for anything including your comments. See no one is addressing to your comment, you simply throw stones everywhere , including for admin , see how far you go , " You claim admin favor MM and Even they give deals ahead of time to high level MM so they can post early ". (Refer thread https://www.dealsplus.com/answer/hand_picked_offers/31890 )

You do the do right and come to talk about others and present on behalf of other MM, action is better than words :) .

prince16pream (L3) posted Dec 06, 2020