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Problem solved! Thanks, Notbad!

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Did I miss a memo regarding dupe deals being allowed for some MM?

It's beyond frustrating when one puts time and effort into a deal, only to have it duped.

When I've unknowingly duped deal, and someone comments "Dupe" I automatically edit the deal as expired. Most other contributors have the decency to do the same.

Flagging the duped deal and comments are ignored. If anyone has that 'memo' I'd very much appreciate you sending me a copy.
EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Feb 24, 2021

Would love a response to this as well...thanks for raising this.

DivaToya (L2) posted Feb 24, 2021


Diva Toya: It's been 17 HOURS and t he duped deal still hasn't been 'expired' or 'buried."
Evidently, the DP staff condones dupes now! Guess we'll have to live with and the other 'stuff' that continues on this site.
You can't fight the proverbial 'city hall!"

EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Feb 24, 2021


Because favoritism my pal. can't wait until system is automated and moderators don't get involved.

OmranAbuR (L3) posted Feb 25, 2021


Admins don't answer flags, they seem to only answer if you comment and cause a ruckus or make a big deal of things and cause problems, which some people prefer NOT to do. If not, they will ignore you and pretend they did not after you point it out. "They're busy" or "It was overlooked" is what you're gonna get. Of course we know there is favoritism and manipulation, but what can really be done? This is what happens when people in charge really don't care. They still get their money. Yes they pretend to care because what business is going to tell you they don't care to your face and expect people to come back? I've pointed out a few issues with the site that is STILL occurring to this day and an admin acts like it's not occurring and I even sent links and explained the problem but yet they are steady asking for suggestions to make the site "better." I've seen numerous of suggestions and.....................it's the same thing over and over.

DealsaLush (L2) posted Feb 25, 2021


Thanks, Notbad, for solving this issue.!:)

EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Feb 25, 2021



First, sorry about not being able to take care of this issue when it was flagged & commented on. I was leading yesterday, and not sure how, but I missed it.

And to answer your question, No, dup deals are not allowed and the lead admins are checking flagged deals & comments every hr (during working hrs): checking & making the necessary adjustments.

Admins will continue to put more effort into taking care of duplicate deal issues.

To everyone else,
The issue on this post was that flagging & commenting was ignored by an admin & a MM who submit this dup deal. But it quickly turned into an issue of favoritism & and even manipulation... really?

There is a difference between constructive criticism & suggestion (@DealsaLush, yes, I'm listing & collecting all MM's suggestions & comments) vs constantly complaining & how unhappy you guys are. What do you do?

It looks like the general logic for many MMs is if admins front other MM's deal, it automatically means we favor them.

As mentioned multiple times, we make our decisions based on the total number of views, clicks, comments, shares, and the history of the same or similar offer. Yes, we are planning to create an automated system with the same logic + votes from higher rank MMs (in discussion).

We all want the perfect system, but it's not easy to create one, including our government, medical insurance, education, work and etc. What's important is that knowing things are not perfect, we need to continue to do (or even more of) what's working & put more on what we need to improve.

As promised & mentioned, we are working on new policies & guidelines for the Money Maker program, and select MMs will be a part of this process throughout this year.

Lastly, if you guys want to work together to make things better, please stick around. If not, feel free to leave and come back later when things have changed.

Thank you

Notbad (L5) posted Feb 25, 2021


Well said @Notbad I applaud your comment💯👍👏👏👏👏 we need to work together as a team and stop tearing down each other and speaking negatively about the site ( Dealsplus). Nothing is perfect but if we work together we can make it close to perfect.

I would always expire my deals if it's a duplicate and only update a deal with all fairness. I would not cheat anyone out of their deal.

stewartcherek (L3) posted Feb 25, 2021