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Why do I get these people, on E-bay??????????

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I shipped it out days ago, and now they want me to ship it to a different address....... It never ends, it is tough to be a seller on E-bay, so please if you buy something and are happy, leave positive feedback.
encorez posted Oct 17, 2011

Do you sell pots & pans?!:)~

EzzyLovesToSave (rep: 427k) posted Oct 17, 2011


I always leave feedback for the seller & have always looked for the seller rating when buying.I haven't had any bad experiences on E-Bay.

grandma5 (rep: 57.8k) posted Oct 17, 2011


Tough to be a buyer too. I have a drawer full of fake Disney DVDs and GBA game cartridges and I'd have a shoebox full of fake memory too if I didn't know better than to buy it from there. So if you're not happy with the transaction, help the next guy by leaving negative feedback and don't withdraw it whatever the bribe. I've been burned so many times buying on ebay that I avoid it at all costs, unless the item is impossible to find anywhere else. Also, 100% positive feedback can be deceitful because it only covers the previous year and some sellers will have bad ratings from earlier times.

BigSister (rep: 922) posted Oct 17, 2011