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Why do you give a deal Thumbs Down?

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Would you thumbs Down a deal just because the color, you are looking for is not there.(may be you see the deal late and when the person posted it the store have more than 1 color to choose from).
mdgirl posted Jan 03, 2011

No way I wouldn't although there seems to a be a serial "thumbs downer" at lately!! I would love to see a system in place where you can see who gave you a "PLUS" or "A THUMBS UP OR DOWN"! Another idea I had but would be hard to implement would be a box next to the plus, thumbs up or down button that displays who gave you the plus, thumbs up or down and a list of reasons why you clicked that specific button, For example someone hit the thumbs up and then beside would be a box with say 3 choices why you plussed it. Same for the thumbs up and down. Just thinking how to make this site more fair and control the nonsense that goes on way too often!!!

branie (rep: 129k) posted Jan 03, 2011


i rarely thumbs down..but a reason for me would be if the deal didn't work...i feel like this might be more applicable with coupon codes, though. sometimes with deals...even if it doesn't work..i'll wait it out for a bit..i mean..sometimes the item is just out of stock..or sometimes too many people are causing a crash in the maybe just trying again at a later time might resolve the issue..but if you thumbs can't undo yeah.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Jan 03, 2011


I agree with nimrodboy: I only thumbs down a deal if it's not working, but lately I've just gone in to edit the deal as expired instead.

I can see the value in seeing who gave you a thumbs up, but I've seen sites where those who negatively voted are named, and it turned into a childish "I'll just go down-vote all your submissions now" instead of an actual tool for rating the deal's working status or not.

Perkalicious11 (rep: 4.9k) posted Jan 03, 2011


I guess that is my point we see childish behavior either way I guess.However, if you are going to give your opinion whether it be positive or negative you should also have a valid reason and be ready for criticism or maybe a debate and if you feel that strong about what you voted it should not be a problem, the problem I have noticed here lately is people just minus or plus here just because they can, some do it out of spite and then some plus one another per an agreement they have made, In my opinion those reasons make this site not completely accurate as in some cases we have no idea what people are thinking and what motivates them to plus or minus a deal or comment! Just how I feel, sorry if people disagree!!!

branie (rep: 129k) posted Jan 03, 2011


Usually because the deal doesn't work or there is the same deal, but so much cheaper than the deal you've submitted.

pettags4less (rep: 44) posted Jan 03, 2011


I don't see many thumbs downed deals and I think when it happens it's someone who comes upon deal late and it's no longer valid. Many deals are so hot they only last a few hours and some of the people that miss out thumbs down in frustration. I think a much bigger problem is the deals that get nice comments or helpful suggestions or added coupon codes in the comments and they NEVER get thumbs up. I often thumbs up positive comments even it I don't use the deal. You would think that the person receiving a thank you on their deal would thumbs up the comments especially since it's mutually beneficial. It raises the reputation points of the commenter so that the next time they plus your deal it would be worth more points.

Deedle_pie (rep: 2.5k) posted Jan 04, 2011


The only time I would thumb down a deal is if its not what it says. Like if it says its free and when you go to the site it cost something.

kmpurvis (rep: 342) posted Jan 05, 2011


Some people are pathetic and will thumb down anything they see. Most of them are lurkers and don't care about anything. It's just like when you read an article in online newspaper and in the comments section you see very good comment that is 100% dead on with 100's of pluses but at least one posts negative. I say - get a life!

belarus94 (rep: 64.8k) posted Jan 05, 2011