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Why,how are coupons submitted when not permitted?

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Just wondering who (and why it) is permitted to submit coupons for stores like JCPenneys that does not allow coupon codes to be submitted yet there are new ones posted within the last day or two.

I'm sure mods must have control over that section.
Coupons that are submitted through deal section are then taken and posted onto the coupon section without the original poster getting credit.

It may be they get either approval from the store or they are just taking it upon themselves to post and reap the rewards of the codes as they are from popular stores,which we all know get a lot of hits.

Filed under the "unfair" and "greedy" section of gripes.
......just saying.

xptrish posted Oct 16, 2013

definitely GREED.....I posted this from FACEBOOK "" and they took it down, yet someone else from last months didn't get taken down, in fact quite the opposite....28 saves!!
I know they said no more codes from oldnavy/gap but this was from Facebook. I think we can pretty much quit griping because it seems they are just going to continue this behavior, fair or not~ :(

LilRed77 (rep: 7.4k) posted Oct 16, 2013


who knows how they do it but if gap/old navy or banana rep. are not allowed to be posted I dont understand why they can't type "gap" on search and delete all those as well....just saying

DealSeekers (rep: 33k) posted Oct 18, 2013